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Saturday, September 30, 2006


England expects ... No, forget it!

Read this Excellent article I completely agree!


How lawless yobs brought misery to one brave woman who dared to fight back!

Read this Unbelievable!-What has happened to our country?-Law and order no longer exist and the criminal is king of our land thanks to years of political correct,left wing,EU contaminated lunatic laws and a Criminal Justice system that is a joke and dispenses no justice!

Also-Two out of three ASBOS breached


Nato unable to find Afghanistan reinforcements!

Read this You're telling me that the whole of NATO can't rustle up a mere 2,500 soldiers out of the millions at their collective disposal?-What are they all doing,is there a war going on that we don't know about in central Europe?Has Germany got a bit gobby again and the low countries decided to Blizkrieg their arse first as payback for times gone by,or have they all got a dose of the clap from some dodgy poxed up thai prostitutes?We have only asked for a mere 2,500 men and a few helicopters from our "Allies" but they can't even be bothered to send 250 blankets and a barrage baloon to help us!Of course when the Soviet Union was still rattling its red sabre we were all one big happy family but now the commie bear is extinct(or maybe just hibernating)the family has started to show signs of breaking up!Time to call in the marriage councilor to sort out this disfunctional family that was once NATO because before very long several yellow skinned slanty eyed countries from the East may well be needing their attention and the Russian bear has started showing signs of waking up!-As for Afghanistan,the disgraceful refusal of our so-called friends to reinforce our overstreached troops shows the Joke that is NATO in its true light.If they can't be bothered with Afghanistan and Iraq why should we?Time to go I think,pull our troops out and leave those bloodstained,lunatic countries to their own destinies without our unwanted help!


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Read this Not wrong!


Pakistani province brings in ban on cinemas and internet cafes

Read this Censorship is the flagship of dictatorship!


Home Office scheme to cut 999 burden 'is failing'!

Read this Another example of Home Office efficientcy!


Deliverance-That banjo clip!



Blair will face police 'within weeks' on loans!

Read this The police have to move quick before they don't have a cell to lock him up in!-I suggest the Tower of London,that's the normal place for traitors of the crown!


Every prison cell in Britain will be full by next week!

Read this This shows what a sham the Home Office has turned into!-How can we have run out of prison space?Not being funny and call me old fashioned but surely it must have been obvious to anyone with half a brain that we were getting low on space and alarm bells should have started ringing in someone's head to that fact!Obviously that would have been too easy for the inept,incompetent,imbecile who work for the Home Office!The solution to the problem is simple-Instead of spending a fortune incarcerating prisoners in police stations why not use some of the many empty Army transit camps scattered around the UK?They have accommodation,ablutions and catering facilities for large amounts of people and have are secure locations that even though are designed to keep baddies out can quite obviously do the reverse and keep scumbags in!John Reid,if he possessed any sort of honour or moral fiber should be made to resign as Home secretary for gross incompetence and failure to do his job insuring the prison service and Home Office is properly run.However he has already proved that,like the rest of Tony Blair's Cabinet,he has no morals or backbone so I won't hold my breadth waiting for him to do the decent thing and go!


Trainee doctor works as school Dinner Lady - because she can't get a job on NHS!

Read this An utter disgrace!-This highlights what a dreadful and unacceptable state that the NHS is in thanks to "New Liebour's" policies of neglect and mismanagement!


Tony Blair's conference speech awarded!

He's also been nomanated for an Oscar!
Hat-Tip Beau Bo Dior


China's 'cruelty olympics' causes international outrage!

Read this Cruel,inhuman,slant eyed,little,yellow bastards!


Soldier's despairing email on our Afghan' failure'

Read this Another British soldier has the moral courage to risk punishment from his superiors to tell the truth of what's really happening to our troops in Afghanistan!-He has confirmed what we already know but what the government and the MOD are denying,that our forces are overstreached and underequiped and are fighting for their lives with little logistical support from the government,with men and equipment!This is an absolute disgrace,that our soldiers are daily putting themselves in harms way for an ungrateful and ignorant Tony Blair who refuses to acknowledge their situation or supply them with the means to win the fight!


Schools overwhelmed as 1 in 5 speak English as second language!

Read this

"Foreign children who cannot speak English are even just turning up at the school gate expecting to attend lessons"

"One in eight primary school children now speak English as a second language"

"At least 27,000 school aged children have arrived in the UK since 2004"

"Britain already massively underestimating the pressure on the communities where they have settled"

"Schools find it impossible to cope with unpredictable pressure and what we have, because the numbers have been unplanned and out of control"

"They have been dumped in it because the government hasn't got proper control of people entering this country"

Appalling!-How this situation has been allowed to happen is beyond me!-It is completely unfair on the English speaking children and the teachers to expect them to cope with so many foreign languages in one classroom.Everyone in that classes eduacation will suffer as a result,including those from abroad!This situation must change soon before it is too late and we produce a nation of poorly educated imbeciles!

Friday, September 29, 2006


Fork Handles



Prescott says sorry, but not to his wife

Read this Leave now you Two-faced,incompetant,Lecherous,Sleazy,useless,fat,arrogant,ignorant,bluberous lump of lard!


The case for speed cameras destroyed in a flash!

Read this Positive proof that speed cameras don't work and are only there to make money for the government and help them to spy on us!


The wicked witch cooks!

Hat-TipTheo Spark


£100 spot fines to keep muggers out of court!

Read this Have they gone stark raving mad or have I slipped through the space-time continuem and woken up in an alternate universe where the law is made by criminals and only the innocent are punished?-Oh,silly me that's the policy of "New Labour" anyway,reward the guilty,with peerages,cabinet positions,suspended sentences and fines etc,and punish the innocent with outragious traffic laws and limitations,illegle taxes on inheritance and pensions and inane political correct,left wing,brainless dogma against common sense and the countries interest lining the pockets of Blair's toadies while destroying our national identity and freedom of speech,making the rich richer and the poor poorer and reducing the population to a slavish obedience of a big brother dictatorship by stripping away our rights and liberties and shackling us to the chains of repression and censureship that is the European Union!


Millions being caught in 'never-ending' mortgage trap!

Read this That's if you're one of the lucky few who can even get a mortgage!And then you've got to move to the Outer Hebrides to even afford a house!Thank you Gordon Brown you arrogant,ignorant Scottish Git!


Squatters handed £9 million five-story Hampstead home!

Read this Sponging,malingering gits!-Send in the police and throw the blood sucking leeches out on their ears!-Let them go out and work for their houses like the rest of us instead of encouraging other freeloaders to do the same!What sort of signal does this send out to other potential thiefs who want something for nothing!Already we have illegal immigrants being given free accommodation paid for by the taxpayer resulting in a drastic shortage of council houses,if they're aren't have enough houses to go round for our own citizens how can the "Politburo" possibly justify giving them away rent free to illegle immigrants who have no right to them in the first place!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This is why there is slaughter in Darfur

Read thisEverything you wanted to know about Sudan before it's destroyed by war if knowone helps them!

Location: Northern Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Egypt and Eritrea

Population: 41,236,378(Until they start dying in great big batches!)

Capital: Khartoum

Flag description: Three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and black with a green isosceles triangle based on the hoist side

Currency: Sudanese dinar (SDD)

Climate: Tropical in south; arid desert in north; rainy season varies by region (April to November)

Terrain: Generally flat, featureless plain; mountains in far south, northeast and west; desert dominates the north

Natural resources: Petroleum (OIL),small reserves of iron ore, copper, chromium ore, zinc, tungsten, mica, silver, gold, hydropower

Religions: Sunni Muslim 70% (in north), indigenous beliefs 25%, Christian 5% (mostly in south and Khartoum)

Languages: Arabic (official), Nubian, Ta Bedawie, diverse dialects of Nilotic, Nilo-Hamitic, Sudanic languages, English (program of "Arabization" in process)

Ethnic groups: Black 52%, Arab 39%, Beja 6%, foreigners 2%, other 1%

Environment-current issues: Inadequate supplies of potable water; wildlife populations threatened by excessive hunting; soil erosion; desertification; periodic drought

Legal system: Based on English common law and Shari'a law; as of 20 January 1991, the now defunct Revolutionary Command Council imposed Shari'a law in the northern states; Shari'a law applies to all residents of the northern states regardless of their religion; some separate religious courts; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction, with reservations; the southern legal system is still developing under the CPA following the civil war; Shari'a law will not apply to the southern states

Government type: Government of National Unity (GNU) - the National Congress Party (NCP) and Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) formed a power-sharing government under the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA); the NCP, which came to power by military coup in 1989, is the majority partner; the agreement stipulates national elections for the 2008 - 2009 timeframe.

Economic overview: Sudan has turned around a struggling economy with sound economic policies and infrastructure investments, but it still faces formidable economic problems, starting from its low level of per capita output. From 1997 to date, Sudan has been implementing IMF macroeconomic reforms. In 1999, Sudan began exporting crude oil and in the last quarter of 1999 recorded its first trade surplus, which, along with monetary policy, has stabilized the exchange rate. Increased oil production, revived light industry, and expanded export processing zones helped sustain GDP growth at 8.6% in 2004. Agricultural production remains Sudan's most important sector, employing 80% of the work force, contributing 39% of GDP, and accounting for most of GDP growth, but most farms remain rain-fed and susceptible to drought. Chronic instability - resulting from the long-standing civil war between the Muslim north and the Christian/pagan south, adverse weather, and weak world agricultural prices - ensure that much of the population will remain at or below the poverty line for years.


Omar role in truce reinforces fears that Pakistan 'caved in' to Taliban

Read this The Pakistani Government needs to wind its neck in and clean out its own "Dirty washing" before someone does it for them!


'I can see no end to the killing zone, and for the first time I feel real fear'

Read this A book we all must read!

Monday, September 25, 2006


Iraq's new banknote!


TA soldiers 'passed over for promotion' after serving in Iraq

Read this This is something I have personal experience of!During my six month tour of Iraq in 2004,with the Royal Green Jackets,I received two field promotions,regaining my original rank of corporal which I had held before and told that on my return to the UK I would be sent on the next available platoon sergeants course.I was a fully "course qualified" and experienced section commander with three operational tours under my belt,several contacts and a recomendation for a decoration but on arriving back with my unit in London was told that not only was I not on the course but I was being demoted down a rank!This insult was the thanks I received from a "grateful"Army after risking my life for six months and proving I was worthy and capable of command!Mine,unfortunately,wasn't the only promotion not upheld,several of my friends had similar stories,many passed over in favor of those who stayed behind and had no operational experience whatsoever!To add insult to injury myself and many others were also refused our annual "Bounty" from the TA,the excuse being that we hadn't put in enough training days at the TA center and would have to pass some rudimentary infantry tests and a couple of weekends away to qualify!-This after six months intense operational service,constantly under mortar,rocket and small arms fire and taking casualties while those who stayed behind "Qualified" by going away on a two week "camp" to Salisbury Plain and a couple of range days in Aldershot!-Needless to say many of my mates and myself told the officious little,small minded jobsworths to shove their bounty up their collective arses and left the ungrateful service of Her majesty's Forces!This is not an uncommon story and I'm sure many ex-Army readers will have similar experiences to tell,unfortunately within the TA the rot starts at the top.Many senior NCOs and officers have little or no operational experience whatsoerver and treat those who do with jealous contempt.Until this disgraceful practice is addressed by the Ministry of defense many more Veterans will leave the Reserve forces and in disgust and the Army will be weakened as a result!

On a more serious note,you may have seen on the news yesterday the TA unit being deployed to Afghanistan.Several of my friends from the Royal Green Jackets who I served with in my platoon in Iraq are amongst those men.My heartfelt best wishes and prayers go out for their safe return.Good luck boys,Keep low-Move fast-Be alert-Stay alive!


Islamist terrorism boosted by Iraq war, says spy report

Read this No shit Sherlock-Tell us somthing we don't know!


Iraq deadlier than ever, says UN as Italy pulls out!

Read this Typical of the Italians to cut tail and run!And Iraq is now oficialy the most dangerous place on the planet!-Thanks to George Bush and Tony Blair!


Muslim leader: I want to hang the Pope!

Read this A nice thing for a so-called "religious" leader to say!They pretend to want peace but instead preach hatred and murder!


Dad's Army-Part 2

Part 3 tommorow!


Get off our troops' backs!

Read this Tell it as it is!

"In an environment where a single second’s hesitation could mean the difference between life and death from a sniper’s bullet, a soldier can’t afford doubt or hesitation"

"Under such circumstances there can be no room for vagaries, or ambiguity, or confusion, or doubt and certainly no fear of prosecution from faithfully following the Queen’s Regulations"

Not wrong!-The "PC Brigade" need to wind their necks in and leave our boy's alone!


Heroic fight for British Afghan base!

Read this This is what our troops are facing every day!-Time to bring them home!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


We've stopped standing up for Britain!

Read this Hold the line!


Prescott refuses to budge - even after PM goes!

Read this Arrogant,Useless,Fat,sleazy,incompetant Northern Git!


US foreign policy!


One in 10 Muslims 'ignore terror'!

Read this The enemy within!

"90,000 Muslims turning a blind eye"

"Among young Muslims, the figures for keeping quiet were higher with 15% of 16 to 24-year-olds saying they would not tell police"

"One in 20 Muslims thought attacks like the July 7 bombings were justified"

"More than half (56%) said they did not believe a police warning that there are thousands of extremist British Muslims willing to carry out attacks here"

"72% blamed non-Muslims for racist and Islamophobic" behavior" -How do they expect us to act when it's Muslims who are carrying out suicide bomb attacks against us and daily we hear their so-called "religious" leaders support and encourage these attacks?How many Catholic or Protestant suicide nutters have we seen lately?Have we been inundated with Jehovah Witness insurgents in Peckam or Hindu death squads in Hounslow?Have the Hari Krishna special forces attacked tescos in slough? The answer is obviously no because it's only the Muslim religion that advocates violence and death against non-believers!You only have to look at the over-reaction of Muslims worldwide to the Danish newspaper's cartoon of Mohammed as a bomb,or to the Pope's "Quoting" of a fouteenth century manuscript to see how bigoted,blinkered and evil this religion actually is!It advocates seperatism and encourages non-integration with unbelievers.It demands total obedience on pain of death to the Medieval and barbaric Shira Law which combines government and religion into a "Big Brother" style dictatorship where the law dictates everything you do,from what religeon you believe to what you wear,eat and read to even the music you listen to and the programes you watch on television on punishment of death or flogging!This sort of state sponsored censureship goes against everything that the free west believes in and has fought against for centuries.The Soviet Union tried to impose these sorts of restrictions and failed.It stands against our very freedom that means so much to us all and has cost us so dear.Our freedom of speech,our freedom to live where we want to marry who we choose,our freedom of democracy to vote for who we want to run our country.The freedom to wear whatever clothes we choose(Even if we have bad taste!)The freedom to express ourselves in literature and art and read anything we choose without fear of censure.The freedom to believe in whatever god we choose without fear of persicution and the freedom to stand up for your beliefs without fear of death.Brave men have shed their blood over the years for this freedom and we can never give it up.The "Islamanazis" will never beat us,the sooner they realise that the better.As for those brainwashed "British Muslims" who support these fanatics I suggest they leave our shores and go and live in a Muslim country where they can happily hack each others heads off and stone their women to their hearts content!


Dad's Army-Part 1

Part 2 tommorow!


Anger as gay fathers post pictures of their children on dating site!

Read this Dirty Screaming Faggots!-Sex Case,Sex Case,Hang Him,Hang Him,Hang Him!-This is the reason why Gay couples should not be allowed to have children!By the mere nature of their corrupt and disgusting relationships it teaches the vulnerable young the wrong ideals and values and exposes them to the obscene and immoral and could damage them mentally for life!-The children of this "Couple" should be removed immediately from their evil,depraved clutches and put into a proper,normal family environment away from filth and depravity of this kind!


The council cemetery where Christians are given Muslim graves!

Read this How many times do I have to say it?-ENGLAND IS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY!!!-Contrary to what Tony Blair and all his little Political Correct,Left Wing toadies would like us to think about 95% of the population is still of the Christian faith!(Maybe not actually practicing,but definitely brought up within its teaching and wanting to live within its structure)Why then do the "PC Brigade" still insist on trying to force feed the British public with inane,ridiculous politically motivated hogwash of this nature,pandering to a minority and ignoring the wishes of the majority,sacrificing our beliefs and customs on the altar of political correctness!What next I wonder?-Halal meat only in our shops,Our women to be forced to wear the Hijab or a separate Muslim police force for the Muslim communities now infesting this island? When is it going to end?-I bet Enoch Powell will be doing cartwheels in his proper Christian East facing grave at this latest revelation!Come back Enoch,all is forgiven!-We need someone like him now,with the moral and righteous conviction and the backbone and courage to stand up against this type of blatant discrimination against the indigenous population of Britain before the rot does finely set in and the Flagship of democracy that was once England sinks below the waves of political correct,left wing,Blairite dogma and England loses its identity forever!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Princess Royal unveils statue dedicated to Infantry

Read this

"This statue is a fitting tribute to the courage and fighting qualities of the British infantryman and it is highly appropriate at a time when they are engaged in action in a number of conflicts around the world to be able to do so.
It is worth recalling the words of Field Marshal Earl Wavell: 'all battles and all wars are won in the end by the infantryman.'

How about realy honouring them by bringing the boys home!


Wing Commander Dickie Martin DFC and Bar,AFC,OBE

Read this An utter nutter of the old school and a very brave man!


Beharry, VC, pays terrible price for valour

Read this A brave man


Some mothers do 'ave them-Part 3


Police called after one flea is found on student's kitten!

Read this Have they gone stark raving mad?
"1,000 crimes reported,131 burglaries,140 assaults and 280 cases of criminal damage" and they almost arrest this poor guy for his cat having fleas!You'd think the police would have better more important things to do like arresting real criminals instead of wasting time and money on pointless,inane politically motivated Bollocks of this sort!My goldfish has got fin-rot,does that mean that at any moment I can expect a visit from the boys in blue with a repesentitive of the cruelty to fish squad?!


Fury as BBC gives preacher of hate a platform

Read this The Brainwashed,evil traitor scumbag should be deported or better still hang the bastard!


Sleeping on the job can improve your work!

Read this I've been doing it for years!


Blair's last supper!

Hat tip
Theo Spark


Soldier's last letter of love

Read this No more must die!

If I should die, think only this of me:
That there's some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever England. There shall be
In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;
A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware,
Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam,
A body of England's, breathing English air,
Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home.

And think, this heart, all evil shed away,
A pulse in the eternal mind, no less
Gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given;
Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day;
And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness,
In hearts at peace, under an English heaven.

By Rupert Brooke(1887-1915)


Six in 10 men condone partners' lesbian affairs!

Read this Not a problem as long as they let us watch!


Serving soldier brands RAF 'utterly useless' in email plea for help!

Read this Not a surprise!When I was in Iraq in 2004 the field hospital at Shaiba logistics base was constantly full,bursting to the brim with casualties!Every day I read the intelligence reports of contacts throughout Iraq and every day I read that we,the British Army had casualties.The term "Walking wounded" never really describes the pain and suffering our troops and their relatives go through when they are wounded in action.It also doesn't meantion the soldiers who are medically dishcharged because of their wounds,being abandoned by the army and the years of pain they face through their injuries for Queen and Country.In Afghanistan,almost daily,the British Army are fighting off "Human Wave" attacks by the Taliban.The last time I heard that phrase used about our troops in action was the Korean war whicn took place over fifty years ago.The small,under manned and inadequately equipped British force in Afghanistan is fighting for its life!They desperately need adequate air support-When you're in a heavy contact,lying in a stinking Arab sewage ditch with rounds and rockets landing all around you,your best friend bleeding to death in front of you and hundreds of screaming heavily armed homicidal maniacs running at you,wanting to decapitate or castrate you,when you scream into your radio for air support you would like to think that it would instantly be available(Providing you can actualy get the radio to work!)This however is not the case and in several instances that I'm aware of,our men were almost over-run by the enemy and wiped out,it was only their unbelievable bravery,battle disipline and training that saved their lives-No thanks to Tony Blair's penny pinching and lies abour how well off our boys are "Over there"!BRING OUR BOYS HOME NOW!It's not our fight,we gain nothing from being there,we're losing soldiers on an almost daily basis and the British public do not want our forces put in any more senseless danger in Iraq or Arghanistan.The politburo needs to get a spine and quit these pointless campaigns before any more servicemen are killed or wounded needlessly!

More British wounded Betrayed by the politburo!

Soldiers report Situation critical!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


860th in Iraq

Monday, September 18, 2006


I'm back!

Been away to Hereford for my sister's wedding,I'm now back and normal service will resume tonight!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Stop blaming America for terrorism

Read this Interesting view!


Westminster pays £167,000 to struggling Poles to go home!

Read this If we didn't let them in in the first place there wouldn't be a problem!-Slam the door shut before the parasites of Europe bleed this country dry!


We're facing fight for civilisation!

Read this Warmongering,Insular Yankee knob!


House prices double in four years!

Read this Thank you Tony Blair and Gordon Brown!

"The increases are stretching first time buyers to breaking point, with evidence they are taking on record loans"

"Hundreds of thousands of Britons are struggling to make their mortgage repayments"

"House price rises are out-pacing increases in wages"

"Any sudden shock to the finances, such as unemployment or illness, threatens financial meltdown"

"Personal bankruptcies jumped 32 per cent,the number of homes repossessed rose by 72 per cent in the first six months of this year"

"For those millions of people who are saddled with huge mortgages any further increase in interest rates will be huge blow"


The death of British humour!

Read this How can he say the British have no sense of humour?-Tony Blair was voted in twice!


The new American "Bird!"


UK tops European drug use table!

Read this What a surprise!

"There have also been increasing signs that the Government wishes to be more tolerant of hard drug abuse"-That's because Gordon Brown is probably considering taxing it!

"Public money is to be used to fund four experimental 'shooting galleries' in which addicts will be invited to inject legally-provided heroin"-The only "Shooting galleries" we want to see is where the Drug dealers are shot by firing squad!

"Addicts will be able to get clean needles from a machine set up at a police station"-If they can find a Police station open after six pm!

"Sweden, where over the past two decades laws have been tightened so that drug abuse - not possession of a drug as in Britain - is a crime that can result in a jail term and where minor offences attract six month jail sentences"-Excellent idea however that would mean incarcerating half the cabinet's children and the heir to the throne!

"The change of the law on cannabis and the other signals sent out by the Government have encouraged people to use drugs"-Which will be sold with a massive VAT bill stuck on the end!

All this shows is that once again the "Politburo" has totaly failed by imposing "Political Correct,EU friendly,left wing" laws that encourage not deter drug use in Britain!Until the criminal justice system gets tough of drug scum the situation will continue to deteriate!What we need to do is follow Sweden's example-Zero tolerance on drugs,anyone caught using ANY drug should immediately go to jail and not pass go,without any chance of appeal or dodgy expensive lawyer tricks!Drug dealers should get the Death Penalty,because death is what they sell!The solution is simple and everyone I know agrees with me,however until we get a proper government with the moral fibre and backbone to carry out what needs to be done it can only get worse!


Haringey home to 105 different ethnic groups

Read this I noticed they didn't ask any English what they thought about it!(I supposed it's because the tabloids can't print the word "Bollocks!"


Terror Camps in the New Forest!

Read this! There's terrorist training camps in The New Forest and Berkshire!-That's right you heared right,not in Pakistan or the Hindu Kush right here in Englands green and pleasant land near the picturesque,sleepy village of Lyndhurst in Hampshire heavily armed Muslim terror squads crawl around amongst the grand old English Oak and Elm that were once used to build Nelson's ships of the line that kept our shores safe from invasion!Just along from Bournemouth,where my parents plan to retire,Fanatical suicide bombers are strapping on their vests of hate and carrying out dry runs on the promenade and novelty children's dinosaurs!Nearby,Bloodcrazed Mujahadeen Insurgents are planning their Jihad attack on the Brockenhurst anual village tombola!What would Cpl.Jones of the Warmington-on-sea Home Guard have to say?-"Don't panic Mr.Mannering" or "we're all doomed!" Well I say "PANIC,PANIC,PANIC!" This is England for fuck's sake not Syria,the New forest is for picnicking and birdspotting not training to overthrow the "Infidel,lesser Satan" and all his little elves,or whatever bollocks it is that these brainwashed,physcotic loonies call us!Time for positive action,I think!I've dug out my grandads old steele "Tommy" helmet and I've gaffer taped my mums best carving Knife on the end of a broomstick,just let Abdul try and Jihad my patio and prize gladioli!


Some mothers do 'ave 'em-Part 2

Part 3 tommorow


Wolves and Lynx to be released in the countryside!

Read this Let's hope the "Rabid man-eating killer" hugging loonies release them in the New Forest first near the sleepy village of Lyndhurst!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Human rights for prisoners-Stick 'em!

Read this Even the scum think prison's a joke!What next,murderers/Cabinet Ministers demanding the death penalty?(We wouldn't be that lucky!)


Don't tread on me


Lieuteant Colonel Mike Argue MC

Read this Farewell to a real soldier!


Officer pours scorn on Afghan blunders!

Read this Finally an Army Officer who realy knows the situation in Arghanistan and has the moral courage and decency to break ranks and come forward and tell the truth in order to save British lives,Captain Leo Docherty we salute you!


Book review-No Mean Soldier by Peter McAleese

Read this Thanks to Matt who commented yesterday on this book,which I read years ago and have just dug a copy out.It's a Brutally honest account of an ex-SAS total nutter called Peter McAleese who,after leaving the SAS has a colorful and dangerous militay career serving with the Rhodesian SAS,The South African Army and also as a mercenarie with the "Infamous" "Colonel Callan" in Angola.A damn good read!


Jeremy Clarkson for Mayor of London!

The campaign starts here today!Send me your views and support to get Jeremy to replace Commiecal Ken!
Theo Spark


62,111 dead: The toll of the war on terror so far... but experts say it could be three times higher!

Read this That's 62,111 peoples blood on George Bush and Tony Blaire's hands!How they can look at themselves in the mirror without feeling guilt and shame I don't know!


French author slams 'vulgar, aggressive, unprincipled, consumerist' Britons!

Read this Who does this jumped up,stupid little Froggy tart think she is?"They have no understanding of philosophy, beauty or art" Hasn't "Little Miss Garlic breadth" heard of William Shakespeare,T.S.Eliot,Christopher Marlow,Henry James Byron,Noel Coward,Thomas Elyot,Samuel Taylor Colridge,Thomas Gainsborough,William Blake,Damien Hirst,Thomas Chippendale,John Constable,Edward Elgar,George Frideric Handel,Charlotte Bronte,Robert Browning,George Byron or Lewis Carroll to name but a few,English playwrights,philosophers,artists,and poets-There's hundreds more I could mention,proving, without doubt,our lack of understanding of the art's!

"It is a kingdom of narrowly educated specialists" -Ever heared of John Nash,Robert Adams,Isambard Kingdom Brunel or maybe Christopher Wren?(He built a little known pile called ST.Pauls Cathedral,you ignorant French twat!)or should I mention "Narrowly educated" Sir Robert Stephenson,who I do believe,whilst tinkering in his potting shed,built "The Rocket" the worlds first steam train?Here's a few more unknown "Uneducated" Englishmen who didn't amount to much:Sir Walter Raleigh,Captain James Cook,Sir Francis Drake,Captain Robert Scott,Horatio Nelson,Arthur Wellsley(The Duke of Wellington)Chay Blythe and Winston Churchill-Thank God for their bad educations(Especially Churchill's,I do believe the French would all be speaking German if that "total failure" had ever bothered going to school!)

"our countryside resembled an "immense theme park"-Oh yes the Lake district's a total eye-saw and as for Devon and Cornwall,Ghastly places,rolling hills and meadows,breathtaking views-Utterly horrible!Let's not even mention the Yorkshire Dales or Norfolk,disgusting places!-Has this dozy,Froggy imbecile ever bothered looking
out of her window,or is she too busy eating snails and pouring garlic on her corn flakes?As far as I'm concerned Madamoselle Poirier can shove her "Brit-Hating" work of fiction up her overweight fat Derie"


The triumph of terrorism

Read this Corrrlli Barnett tells it as it is!


Free training to get Muslim women jobs!

Read this And how many non-Muslim women are going to get free training?


Some mothers do 'ave em

Part 2 tommorow


Camp coffee forced to change label by the PC brigade!

Read this What's wrong with this label?-Absolutely nothing,that's what!-The "PC Nazis" strike again with Left wing,Politically motivated censorship of the worst sort!To suggest that this picture is "Racist" is ludicrous,all it is is a quaint reminder of times past,the days of the British Raj when the British Empire ruled the world,but the "PC Brigade" hate to be reminded of our past greatness,instead choosing to ridicule and slander the empire and make us out to have been tyrants and bigots instead of the truth that the empire brought peace,stability,education and Christianity to the third world(Not to mention Cricket,Boxing and Pink Gin!)So I'm going to buy a jar of "Camp Coffee",steam the label off and replace it with the proper Non-PC one and display it in a prominent place of pride in my home!


Dad killed after confronting yobs

Read this Another decent man dies at the hands of coward scum!-What has this country turned into?When are we going to get enough police on the streets to protect us and more importantly a judge with the balls to put these scum behind bars for a proper length of time and a criminal justice system that doesn't pander to the criminals every need and instead protects society from crime with laws and sentences that actually make sense and punish wrongdoers,not reward them for their crimes!-BRING BACK HANGING for Muderers,Terrorists,traitors,Drug dealers,Rapists and Child molesters-Give them the punishment they deserving,death not life,that might be a good start and send out a signal that we will no longer tolerate crime in this country,however until we get a proper government with moral fiber and a backbone to realy do what's required to combat crime it's only going to get worse and innocent decent people like Alan Toogood are going to continual to suffer at the hands of coward scum!


Exiled cleric Bakri rejoices over deaths of RAF servicemen

Read this Scumbag,piece of Shit!-This Fat,freeloading hypocrite should have been charged with treason and hanged!-And his family should be kicked out of Britain too!(Why's he wearing a nightie?)

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Forces' combat deaths worst since Falklands

Read this Tell us something we don't know!


Threat of up to two million Muslim terrorists, warns community leader!

Read this Throw the whole Brainwashed,medieval lot out!-Problem sorted!


New "Squatters Right's" Bill introduced by no.10!

Hat-Tip The Spine


On this day

1939-The submarine HMS Oxley is sunk by mistake by the submarine HMS Triton off the coast of Norway and becomes the Royal Navy's first loss in the Second World War.

1945- Vidkun Quisling sentenced to death for collaboration with Nazi Germany

1951 - United Kingdom began an economic boycott of Iran -History definitely repeats itself!

1988-At his residence in Afghanistan Osama Bin Laden launches al Qaeda-The scumbag!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Still the best army in the world!(And the worst dancers!)

Thanks to 5 Troop,30 Feild Squadron,Royal Engineers,British Army


Bravery and service of UK personnel recognised in latest operational honours list

Read this Well done boys-The country's behind you!(Even if the government is'nt!)


Q&A: the Afghan mission

Read this Pull our boys out now!


Prescott goes for a quick snack!

Useless,Fat,Arrogant,sleazy,currupt,incompetent Northern Git!
Hat-Tip Theo Spark


New front in Labour civil war - now it's get Brown!

Read this The Buzzards are circling and the cornered animals are fighting amongst themselves!


Mother fined for swearing at neighbourhood yobs!

Read this Unbelievable!-Have the Police gone stark raving mad?I would have done more than swear at the little bastard scumbags!-How can they expect to get support and respect from the community when they carry out "Left-Wing,New Liebour generated,Political Correct" motivated Bollocks of this sort?


A message for Tony Blair!


Muslim groups infiltrated by 7/7 bombers had huge govt grants!

Read this! It's official-The world has gone mad!-I'm leaving asap on the first available "Virgin" space shuttle!(Do they do spacesuits for "Lardarses?)


Up to 80,000 bogus asylum seekers granted 'amnesty'!

Read this! 80,000 BOGUS asylum seekers!I'll say it again-80,000 BOGUS asylum seekers,in plain English that means 80,000 illegal immigrants(criminals by definition) who lied when they arrived in Britain and willingly broke the law by falsely claiming asylum and abusing the UKs goodwill and generosity with the intention of stealing money,medical treatment,citizenship and houses that they were not entitled to through deception,the legal name for that criminal act is FRAUD and is normaly punished with a severe prison sentence.However,apparently,in "Soft touch,Political Correct,EU friendly" Britain,not only are these freeloding,criminal scumbags allowed to blatanly get off scott free from a crime that if any of us were to commit would land us in front of the "Beak" quicker than you could say "Hypocrisy",they are rewarded for their crime by getting citizenship and all the benefits that they intended to steal in the first place!What sort of signal does that send out to the rest of the world?-"Tired of work?Come to freebie Britain,live the life of Riley for the rest of your days without having ever to lift a finger in honest work again!"
"Politburo" lackys predicted 13,000 refugees a year, but has admitted at least 600,000 have flooded in since May 2004,up to 450,000 asylum claims sitting in boxes, waiting to be dealt with!And those are the ones they admit to knowing about!
LIEbour Ministers are offering a £3,000 bribe for failed refugees to go home, payable after they leave the country,But,unbelievably,they are being allowed to then return to Britain. At least nine have already done so(That they know about-Remember criminals use false identity's-The cunning,fiendish swine!).The incompetent,imbeciles who laughinly call themselves the "Home Office" have hesitantly admitted that at least one of these has already received a second free trip home,(For one read hundreds if not thousands!)
When is this unbeleivable ,criminly neglegent and insulting policy by our "Joke" government going to end?When the national language is changed to Albanian or the Queen is forced to dress in a Muslim Hijab?Perhaps now's the time to look at buying property and emigrating to Poland or Kosova,apparently there's quite a lot of empty houses over there you can pick up for a song,but be prepared to do your own diy as plumbers and builders are strangely in short supply!


Tomkinson's schooldays-Part 3

Nothing beats a public school education!


Curruption and wrongdoing rife among jail staff

Read this Another "Own goal" to the sinking ship that was the Home Office!Could it possibly get any worse for them?From currupt immigration officers,incompetent parole officers and unmanigable and ill-thought out "Open" prisons,we are now told that a large percentage of prison officers are also "On the take"!-Well what do you expect when they've got the currupt and sleazy "Politburo" that makes up our so called government as an example to follow?


The assassin and the lame duck

Read this Spineless,Yanky lapdog and the creepy,Jock Git!


Haig's son attacks pardoning of 306 soldiers shot for cowardice!

Read this Stupid Twat!

Friday, September 08, 2006


Kill Bill?


27 are hanged at Abu Ghraib in first mass execution since Saddam's fall!

Read this We need some of that over here!Home Office take note-The correct way to deal with scumbags!-STRING THEM UP!!!


EU judges impose overtime limit on British workers!

Read this Interfering bureaucratic bollocks!-How dare an unelected body of foreigners impose their unwanted and unsolicited views and restrictions on the British workforce!So what if I choose to work ninety hours a week?That's my decision as a concenting,adult with freewill and freespeech,two things that that the Euro-Nazis object to passionately,they are trying their hardest to remove our freewill by imposing illegle laws against our constitution and way of life and they hate anyone who dares to speak out against their lunatic policys!The sooner we send the EU Nazis packing the better for us all!


Army heroes honoured

Read this True Heroes one and all


Bin Laden taunts West on eve of September 11 anniversary

Read this Will someone please kill this boring bearded tosser!(And why you're at it tell him to get a new wardrobe,the "Man-dress" and turban are so last year Jallalabad!)


Shocking footage shows British troops in Afghanistan firefight

Read this How Tony Blair can smugly lord it up in Downing street while British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are daily fighting for their lives,and dieing on his orders and lies is quite honestly insulting and nauseating.How can this spineless little man look at himself in the mirror without feeling shame and guilt at the crime he has committed?He sent the British Army to Iraq on a lie,that's been proved beyond doubt.What other lies has he already told and is going to tell in the future?How currupt does a government have to be before it is thrown out of office?How many more of our servicemen must die for a lie before the government sees sense and brings our boys home?The images on our televisions of the fighting in Afghanistan can't possibly convey the truth of what our men are facing out there.300,000 rounds fired since June alone!That figure speaks for itself,the British Army has not faced this sort of intense combat since World War 2,even the Falklands War wasn't as bad as this.Our troops are displaying unbelievable courage in the face of adversity,whilst being stabbed in the back and betrayed by a unthanking and morally currupt government.The strain on the troops,their equipment and morale must be severe,the cutbacks that have slashed the Army to a mere shadow of it's former self are starting to show,just last week a senior British officer stated that our services are dangerously streached,almost to breaking point.It is a betrayal of our soldiers loyalty and honour for Tony Blair to expect our brave men and women of our armed forces to fight and die with inadequate equipment and reinforcements due to incompetence and criminal neglegence on his behalf.BRING OUR BOYS HOME NOW!

The Telegraph has this to say

Afghanistan needs 2500 more troops,says General


New premature ejaculation drug 'effective for all'!

Read this Thank fuck for that!(Obviously it's not for me!)


UK soldier injured in Iraq dies

Read thisHow many more must die for a lie?

It is the soldier, not the reporter,
Who preserves the freedom of the press,
And it is the soldier, not the poet,
Who protects our freedom of speech,
It is the soldier, not the campus organiser,
Who puts his life on the line,
To give others the freedom to demonstrate,
And it is the soldier,
Who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who protects the protesters right
To burn the flag.

Freedom is NEVER free!


Tomkinsons's schooldays part 2

Part 3 tommorow!


4 in 10 prisoners released without being risk assessed!

Read this What a surprise,the Home Office and Criminal Justice system fucking up again!

"The idea of the probation service must have been thought up by a Left wing idiot. There should be no probation service. You are either fit to leave prison and behave yourself or you are not. You have either learned your lesson or you have not. Why should tax payers' money be spent on pampering people who behave badly? We should spend tax payers' money on the important things like making sick people better and educating children who wish to learn. We should spend money on cleaning the streets like other countries do. We should spend money on imprisoning badly behaved people so that our country can become the green and pleasant land that it once was. If there is any money left after rewarding good behaviour, then we can start to think about throwing it away on scum. The measure of a civilised society is how it treats good people, not how it treats bad ones. By that measure, the Left has created a cesspit of violence, murder, rape and drug addiction."


Abortion lessons for schoolchildren!

Read this What a inane,stupid,irresponsible idea!-Teach four year olds about abortion,what's next,Anne Summers partys for primary schools?The "PC Brigade" strike again,our children lose their innocents soon enough without it being forced out of them by inept,left wing properganda!Shame,Shame,Shame!!!


Muslim fury after bikini model claimed to be Pakistan's entry

Read this Medieval,brainwashed tossers!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Captain Kirk reveals he won't go boldly into space!

Read this Get a grip Jim,are you a man or a screaming Faggot?


The moment a motorist blew up a speed camera

Read this A hero to us all!-The "Free Craig Moore" campaign begins here today!


There's nothing like a Public school education!


Three British soldiers killed in Afghanistan clashes

Read this Bring our boys home now!

What passing bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
No mockeries for them; no prayers nor bells,
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,-
The shrill,demented choirs of wailing shells;
And bugles calling for them from sad shires.

What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys but in their eyes
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.
The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall;
Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,
And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.
Wilfred Owen(1893-1918)


How Britain is turning Christianity into a crime!

Read this!

"The problem for Christianity is that it holds that homosexuality is wrong. This, however, it is no longer allowed to say because it treats a minority practice as sinful"

Screaming Faggots!Of course a man turking another man up the arse is wrong,It's also obscene,disgusting,totally not right,immoral and I would assume not at all unpainful(Not talking through personal experiences,I should add!)The Bible says It's wrong and I agree with the Almighty!It's typical of the "Political Correct Nazis" to jump on the gay rights bandwagon and hammer Stephen Green for his beliefs.Beliefs,I might add,that the majority of people in this country also share!I'm not a very religeous person but I was bought up in a Christian family and beleive it taught me the right way to live.England is still a Christian Country in most peoples eyes,much to the "PC Brigade's" annoyance-The "De-Christianization" of Britain by the Labour government,against our will,by forcing multiculterism,Muslim faith schools,and changing the curriculum of schools to teach other faiths and not the ten commandments and the Christian ideals and morals is destroying the very fabric of this country.We need to go back to the values that christianity teaches,the difference between right and wrong,respect for the law and the correct way to live and behave in society.That is what shaped and made our country great,the sooner we send these false evil faiths packing the better for us all!


Blair refuses to give departure date!

Read this When's the Spineless,currupt,brown noseing Bastard going to go?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I'm back!

Been away normal service will resume tommorow

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