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Friday, November 03, 2006


Armed Forces '5,000 short' for campaign on two fronts!

Read this Not a shock!-Well what do the government expect?-After years of criminally negligent defense cutbacks,disbanding and merging regiments by the dozen,scrapping warships and aircraft and increasing operational deployment I'm surprised that any of our armed forces have any time at all to spend with their families!-No wonder they're leaving in droves,10,000 a year are handing in their notice and they can't be easily replaced!Bearing in mind it takes YEARS to train just one junior NCO up to the required level to be a team or section commander in an infantry battalion,that's before he specializes on any support weapons like mortars or Milan,and for more specialist troops and senior NCOs it can take a lot longer.That type of experience cannot be replaced overnight,as for the private soldier even though they complete their basic training in six months it is just that,BASIC,and it normally takes another three years of continuation training and various "In house" courses to produce a competent rifleman.The present situation,due to the increase in operational deployment overseas,for most infantry battalions is six months on ops and six months off,but what's not been acknowledged is that during their six months off,soldiers have to attend various courses,some lasting up to three months( Section commanders battle course,Plt.Sergeants course,Support weapons courses )and before deploying to any operational theatre pre-deployment training has to be carried out,normally away from camp,lasting anything between one or two months,so when are our soldiers supposed to find time to spend with their families?-I'm surprised we have an army left at all!

You are so right. It’s a shocking state of affairs the way the government has fucked up the armed services. We need to encourage people to join up and stay in. We also need to pay them more, the Americans have always been paid more than us, even back in the Second World War. But most importantly I think we need something like the G.I. Bill of Rights, to make the whole experience worth while and reward people who risk their lives with something decent when the eventually leave... God Bless HM Forces...
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