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Friday, October 06, 2006


300,000 immigrants secure backdoor route into Britain!

Read this

"More than 300,000 Moldovans have taken advantage of a special arrangement which allows them a Romanian passport!"

"This rush for Romanian passports shows that a very large number of Moldavians specifically intend to migrate to the EU!"

"600,000 Romanian and Bulgarians may flood into the UK in search of work!"

"Official figures revealed the number of foreign workers in Britain is now 1.5 million!"

"A large number of prostitutes working in Britain, many as sex slaves against their will,
were smuggled in from Moldova!"

Here we go again,more foreign spongers heading for "Welfare Britain" for a life of luxury and freebies at the taxpayers expense!-When is it going to end,ever?-I'm the first to admit we need immigration and foreign workers for our economy to grow however it must be properly controlled and regulated,the current "Open door" policy of Tony Blair's "Politburo" is beyond a joke and an insult to evey hard working,tax paying citizen of this country!-Where are they going to live?when there isn't enough housing for the rest of us at the moment,and whose going to pay for it?-What jobs are they going to do?when unemployment among our own population is on the increase!It makes absolutely no sense at all to allow hundreds of thousands of migrants into this country without having an answer to those questions first!Why can't we be like Australia or Canada?To emigrate to those countries you need to already have a job waiting for you,A place to live,money in the bank and a citizen of that country willing to sponsor you.An excellent idear and one that has proven to work!Unfortunately because it is a good idear our present government would never accept it as they wouldn't recognize one if it jumped up and bit them on the arse!-Until we get someone in number ten who has more than half a brain,immigration will continue to run out of control!

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