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Monday, October 02, 2006


Damning police report shows illegal workers cost UK £3bn tax!

Read this

"£3.3billion a year in unpaid taxes!"

"Enough to build 132 schools or 13 hospitals, is in a dossier on organised immigration crime!"

"Thousands of EU migrants are homeless in UK!"

"Up to 500,000 illegal workers here!"

"The loss from the building industry alone is £500million!"

Indisputable proof that Tony Blair's "Open door" policy is not only the worst idear since the health and safety officer on the "Titanic" thought he'd cut costs on the lifeboat budget,it is also costing taxpayers BILLIONS of pounds in extra taxes due to his criminal negligence and incompetence!-It was beyond naive to assume that every one arriving on Britain's shores would play the game fairly and obey our laws,another example of New Labour's "Politburo" losing its grasp of reality and living in a "Fantasy world" a political correct generated "Never,Never land" where Tony Blair is Peter Pan and his Cabinet are the lost boys and everyone kow tows down to him and his insane idears!Well I stopped believing in the tooth fairy years ago and I've never believed a word Blair has said,you can tell when he's lying,his lips move!-This prooves that the "Open door" needs to be slamed shut immediately before any more freeloaders arrive in Britain to steal from our economy!

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