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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Britain's prisons reach full capacity!

Read this Great news for criminals bad news for the rest of us!-Correct if I'm wrong but if your car's fuel gauge says you're getting low on fuel,you go to the nearest petrol station and fill up the tank,you don't wait to break down in the middle of no-where and then start thinking about walking ten miles in the rain to the nearest garage,not unless you're a complete fool(Or my ex girlfriend!)So how can the Prison service suddenly announce the tank run dry?-The answer is it didn't,the Home Office has been well aware of the situation for some time now but because of incompetence,criminal negligence and just plain stupidity has done nothing about it!-Now they're all running around like headless chickens,and it's too late!In the good old days,when competence was expected of government ministers,if you failed to do your job properly you resigned,or in the "realy good old days"were handed a loaded pistol and told to do the right thing for the honour of Queen and Country.Lord Carrington knew the rules and resigned from the cabinet over the Falklands War,perhaps the last honourable politicain this country is going to see!Who I wonder,from the present government,is going to do the right thing over this debacle?-I'm not going to hold my breadth to find out because I very much expect no-one has the backbone or moral fibre to accept responsibilty for their actions!-The "Politburo" of Tony Blairs government will just continue to goosestep it's left wing,political correct,incompetant way down the road towards the quicksand of "New Labours" destruction of this country,and will drag us all down with it unless the people of the United Kingdom wake up to these "False Phrophets" and replace them with a proper government before it's too late!

Bloody typical! if the prisons are full first of all execute all the paedophiles, rapists, murderers, terrorists then if they are still full BUILD SOME FUCKING MORE! they take enough fucking tax off us!oh i forgot thats to pay for all the fucking assylum seekers isnt it, my mistake!
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