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Friday, November 17, 2006


The Army 'approved abuse of prisoners'!

Read this What a load of Bollocks!-Anyone whose served in the British Army and especially the infantry will tell you that hooding prisoners,usually with an empty sandbag,and putting them in a stress position is common practice and has been taught for years!-I remember during my own basic training in 1985 at Browning Barracks in Aldershot,being placed in several different stress positions on an almost daily basis,it taught stamina,strengthened the muscles and increased our tolerance to pain!(At least that's what our instructors told us!)On exercise when you captured a "Prisoner of war" he was immediately hooded and made to assume the position-Legs apart and arms spread wide leaning against a wall.To say it is against the Geneva convention is utter bollocks as every member of the British Armed Forces are taught the Geneva Convention in basic training and revise it before any operational deployment and are very aware of the rights of a prisoner of war and their treatment.It's quite obvious that this lie of mistreatment is being used to try and dirty the name of brave men by a spineless "politically Correct" lawyer waving the inane and annoying "Human rights" banner that seems to be hoisted all the time these days at the most inappropriate occasions for the most ridiculous of reasons!

Read also-The Geneva Convention

Also-Elderly at risk as carer blacklist declared unlawful under "Human Rights" act

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