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Thursday, October 12, 2006


1,000 crimes committed by tagged criminals exposed by MPs!

Read this What a surprise,No Shit Sherlock!-Another example of this governments appalling record on Law and order!-If we had a proper Criminal justice system that actualy punished the scum instead of encouraging them to commit more crime we might actualy stand a chance,but the present "Criminal friendly" European court influenced Bollocks is about as useful as tits on fish!-LOCK THEM UP!!-How hard is that?-If they're real scumbags like rapists,murderers,drug dealers,terrorists and Labour Cabinet ministers HANG THEM!!!-It's not difficult to work out and you don't need the brains of an Archbishop to realise that tagging an habitial criminal scumbag,releasing him onto an unsuspecting public and expecting him NOT to commit crime is beyond nieve!-LOCK THE BASTARDS UP!!!-That's what everyone I know keeps saying and it's basic common sense!-Until the retards currently in office realise that fact our streets will not be safe,however I'm not going to hold my breadth because that would be too easy and as Tony Blair is constantly demonstrating he doesn't do easy!

WELL WHAT A FUCKING SUPRISE! our wanking governments idea of releasing all of the nice criminal scum with a degrading ankle tag does not work! why not let all of the scumbags out as long as they have to live next door to a cabinet minister for at least two years! bet the arseholes would soon stop the tagging then!
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