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Friday, November 10, 2006


BNP leader found not guilty on race charges!

Read this "Excellent and just verdict!-Tony Blair cannot ban free speech in Britain!-He may not like it but it's part of our constitution and our forefathers shed their blood to give us the right to say what we want!-Of course "New Labour" hate the fact that we can speak out against the government and injustice,they'd prefer us to blindly conform to "Blair's world order" and not rock the boat,Voltaire said on free speech:"I don't agree with what he said, but would defend his right to say it, to the death!" You may not agree with Nick Griffin,I do,that's our right as free citizens in a "Free" country and that's how it should be I believe it's called Democracy!A lot has been said about free speech in the press recently,where is the divide between exercising your right of saying whatever you want and committing a crime by saying what the government terms to be "illegal"?-Just yesterday a British Muslim was convicted of inciting racial hatred by taking part in a demonstration,waving banners saying "Annihilate" and "Behead" non-Muslims,this I agree was overstepping the mark of common decency and justly deserved punishment,however where is the line and whose going to say when you cross it?-The "PC Nazis" would like to contol everything we say and everything we do for the sake of Political correctness and this can never be allowed to happen!-I applaud the verdict for the sake of free speech in this country and pray for all our sakes that the government do not get their way and change the law in their favor for if that happens it will be the death nell for democracy in Britain!

Congratulations to Nick Griffin,a victory for free speech!

well done nick youve got my vote
Vote for what? What practical, workable policies do the BNP have? White working class people aren't poor because of immigrants, jeez... do builders on the council estates of Dagenham really think that if it weren't for blacks and asians, they would be analysts at Goldman Sachs? Only when our values change and the working class start to push their kids academically and discipline them socially are these matters going to improve.
think u live in a fucking dream world mate take off those rose tinted glasses and you will see how this counrty is slowly being taken over labour have fucked it up the tories will continue to fuck it up as long as cameron stays in charge i was a tory voter all my life now we need someone strong to put this country back to what it was not somewhere where when you mention the word race or immigration they all hide under the table who knows if the BNP are the answer but like the other rely i will give them a chance i was a proud londoner now i dont even recognise my own street and just for the record im a builder ! micky
Nah I don't have rose tinted glasses anyone can see there are problems here in the UK now, but it's just too simplistic to suggest that immigration is the reason everything is shit. We DO need a controlled immigration policy, we DO need to clamp down on Islamic fundamentalism. However, I have no problem with people with different colour skins or cultures as long as they accept British values. And I do think that we working class Brits need to sort ourselves out and take some responsibility too - we have been fucked over by the government but we don't always help ourselves. Kids on council states run amock, skip school, stand around outside the offie with alcopops - these are just as likely to be white kids as black. I have some respect for the Indians or Chinese as you don't see their kids doing this - I think in some ways we need to rediscover our own family values. Immigration is a really important issue and there needs to be control, but the BNP are a one trick pony - pretending that non-whites in Britain are the reason why anything and everything is wrong. That is just bullshit! They also have no real economic policy etc. And I don't like the thuggish Combat 18 element that prop up the BNP either - I don't want my kids hanging around with men who think violence or knifing others is acceptable... the "18" in Combat 18, by the way, refers to the initials of Adolf Hitler (A = 1, H = 8) and most of the BNP's security is Combat 18. I should know as I went to their meetings for a while. I am no liberal and I hate new labour etc too. But I am not a fascist either, and I know that the BNP are just a bunch of thuggish shit stirrers!
well im with the previous writer most of the problems in inner london are black i moved out of my beloved city when my oldest lad came home specking like a fucking demented african and at my girls shcool they cancelled xmas one year cause it might offend the muslims !! its the BNP for me too ! cockney in kent good blog site by the way ,im an ex marine
Immigration is a problem. But I have no problem with all non whites. And this is why I don't support the BNP:,,2-2449024,00.html#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=Britain
We seem to be sleepwalking into a disfuntional multi-cultural state and one of the main reasons for this is that we are all to afraid to speak up for fear of being called racist. Free speech is one of the few escape valves we have and it should be encouraged not supressed.
Fuck up the school system, fuck up the health system, fuck up the arts, fuck up the legal system, fuck up housing, fuck up industry, fuck up apprenticeships. Tell the working class they are shit and their history is a disgrace, and who do they blame - the BNP. The BNP is the only party that has any sympathy for the white working class.
I have worked in Dagenham for 7+ years. In the last 4 years I have seen the borough change beyond all recognition. With the new influx of immigrants/migrant workers come new religion, ways of life, cultural differences. Is it fair to expect people to 'absorb' so much change in so little time? Human beings are not good at changing. But with the lowest levels of political mobilisation, B & D was a perfect dumping ground?
The white working class in Dagenham, however you may wish to label them, are being marginalised. This is why they voted for the BNP - not because they are racist, but because the weak, ill educated bunch of elected members had done nothing to protect them from the huge influx of people from the inner city and outside the UK.
Being on the inside of the the organisation, we see on a daily basis how much time and money is invested in Ethnic minority initiatives. Basically, if you are a white, non-disabled male these days - you are invisible!

I am staying anonymous, which is completely against my principles, but i need to pay the bills next month! I am suprised they havent tried to censor your blogspot??
I am suprised they havent tried to censor your blogspot??

Another victory for fee speech. Adressing the posting I must admit I don't think anyone should be "charged" for saying things. Nick Griffin is representative of a number of people, so was Hamza. I'm just not scared of what people say. I xan't buy it.

Adressing the interesting comments above,

I disagree. I like multi culturalism in london. Its one of the best things about the place. I don't know of I am a "race traitor" but I like black and asian chicks. The last thing i would want to see is a "pasty faced" London. I am white, my mums English, my dad was a Hungarian prisoner of the Nazi's in Germany who brought his family over here after the war.

I don't hate Nick Griffin, I think it is sad he feels the way he does. I don't think we should "disperse ethnic groups". I think as a community in Britan we need to communicate with each other more. Its the British way.

I filmed some guys with views like yours who came down to Finsbury park. Very interesting bunch of people.

this is the page (There are two parts, click on either side of the picture)

I never got to film a conversation with them, but I think it is a shame that people like you get sucked into being enemies of those who are really very similar to you whilst those who are shifting the ground underneath us all with Multi Billions of dollars you all ignore. I think its sad.
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