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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Navy 'too weak' for big role in Korea blockade!

Read this

"I am staggered that the Government is trying to make this commitment when it knows what our Armed Forces are going through!"

"defense experts predicted that the most the Royal Navy could contribute was a single frigate, a Royal Fleet auxiliary support vessel and a Trafalgar class hunter killer submarine!"

"Senior navy officers expressed deep concern about their ability to defend their ships against a hostile missile or fighter threat after a decision was enforced six months ago to scrap the Sea Harrier fighter!"

"As a result of government cutbacks any British ships deployed to the South China Sea would depend on the American or FRENCH navies to provide air defense with their aircraft carriers!" ( FRENCH!!!!)

"The Navy has been cut by almost a third since Labour came into power!"

"Britain's military commitments to Iraq and North Korea have exposed glaring deficiencies in resources and equipment!"

Not a surprise with the incompetent,criminally negligent imbeciles we currently have in government!-It's actually extremely embarrassing to think what other countries must think of us allowing these cretins to destroy our armed forces in this way!Three ships!-That's all the Royal Navy have got for the proposed operation against North Korea!-Nelson will be turning in his grave!It is an utter disgrace that the Royal Navy has been reduced to this pathetic shadow of its former self!I bet the Argies are rubbing their hands in glee at this news and are already planning their next trip to the Falkland islands!-Let's face it,if they did invade again there's Bugger all we could do about it!-Except maybe a strongly worded letter of protest to the UN security council and a country-wide ban of "Fray Bentos" corned beef!-That'll scare the Argie Bastards!The government needs to start spending some real money on our armed forces before it's too late!They need to stop disbanding regiments and scrapping ships and start re-building them again!-Call me old fashioned but where's the logic in binning infantry Battalions and warships when we quite obviously don't have enough in the first place!As for the "Senior service",we need a lot more ships and hasn't anyone noticed that the few aircraft carriers that we do have seem to be missing a vital component-Their fucking aircraft!!The word "incompetence" doesn't even come near it!How can we have aircraft carriers without aircraft?- Because the idiots in charge got rid of them in the last defense cuts and haven't bothered to replace the Bloody things!!What the Buggery Bollocks are you supposed to do with an empty aircraft-carrier?-Use it as a floating prison perhaps or maybe a super casino? Are the government raving mad or just criminally negligent or is it a secret plot so that,as we no longer pocess a credible navy to defend our shores,the French can invade us and we all have to eat garlic and snails for the rest of our lives while Blair lives the it up in a freebie villa in the south of France?

Well fuck me! after years of dumbing down our armed forces the facts finally come home to roost! Maybe these inept wankers we have in charge will now realise that we cant go on downsizing our armed forces and still have enough for the defence of our country, oh silly me they aint bothered about OUR country are they!

Why dont british army
go back to force projection,
as in the cold war. I think it
should focus less on "nation
building", It should order
3 more british made Aircraft
carriers, 20 valcans and 5 more
Submarines. It would be be a great for British industry
as well as Necessary territorial defence force of the Furture.
In short withdraw from Iraq
go back to cold war spending.

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