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Friday, October 13, 2006


Maoris latest to seek British benefits for colonial days!

Read this Are they insane?This happened over a hundred years ago,who cares?The people who signed the thing have been six foot under for over a century,I don't think they're too bothered anymore!What a load of crap!This whole apologist craze,blaming the British Empire for the troubles of the world today,when it's obviously the fault of the countries concerned who are either incompetent or can't be bothered to move forward and forget the past!I've got an idea,let's sue the French for compensation over the damage to our country after their invasion of 1066!Or what about Italy?-They surely must owe us a huge debt for their "Unlawful Occupation" of Britain for 400 years during the Roman empire!-totally ridiculous!-Let's hope this latest apologist idiotcy is binned before it gets out of hand and Germany tries to claim compensation over the sinking of the "Bismarck!"

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