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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Britain forced to use private helicopters in Afghanistan!

Read this They have got to be kidding!-You wouldn't get me in some dodgy,second hand,clapped up old Soviet-era piece of crap helicopter held together with masking tape and cable-ties!-Ask anyone whose served in Kosova or Bosnia the things are deathtraps!-And whose going to fly them?-Some "Ex-Special forces" mercenaries with a suspect past,possibly former soviet pilots who were last in Afghanistan's committing atrocities against the populace,that'll go down well with the locals!Or are they "Private contractors" who'll charge the government an absolute fortune for a service our own forces are unable to provide due to government cutbacks in defense?-Also when the shit inevitably hits the fan,will they risk all coming to our troops defense as service pilots would or will it be "Too dangerous" to fly and soldiers die as a result!-Why doesn't the government take contracting out a stage further?-We could have foreign soldiers fighting for us instead of our own,Oh I forgot we already do,they're called the Ghurkas!-What about subcontracting out our equipment procurement instead of building it ourselves and creating jobs?-Oh silly me we do that as well,with our new armored troop carriers from the US(About three years too late!),the enormously expensive and unnecessary "Euro-Fighter" (that still doesn't work!),And our air-transport Hercules(That we still don't have enough of!) to name but a few!-The very fact that the MOD is even considering hiring foreign helicopters shows what a deployable and disgraceful state New labour has dragged our Armed forces down to!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

If you're not going to fund your
armed forces properly with money
and Real equipment then you should
withdraw all your forces from
Afghanistan and other stations overseas.

The second part is more difficult
write that’s why I deleted this comment twice
This is NOT a Left wing piece of comment so here goes:
And equally if Public opinion is opposed to a permanent troop presence in Iraq for a variety of reasons then is not wiser to withdraw in good order.
Why because the longevity of successful armies have always depended on mass public.
Support. If the aims of the ruling elite become too plutocratic and distant from people
then the army declines over time thought public indifference and apathy

No offence meant just a though
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