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Sunday, October 01, 2006


War in Afghanistan: Britain's Vietnam!

Read this More senseless deaths of British soldiers sacrificed on the altar of Tony Blair's ego!-How many more must be killed and wounded before this country wakes up to the fact that we cannot win in Arghanistan or Iraq without a lot more support in men and equipment which both NATO and the "Politburo" of Blair's toadies have made quite plain that our troops are not going to get,so it's time to cut our losses and withdraw from both countries now and avoid more pointless deaths!-If the government refuses to acknowledge this obvious truth then it has no right to be in office and must be forced out and replaced with an honorable and decent one as soon as possible!- Tony Blair is a liar and a fool and the worst thing of all in a leader he is indecisive.The first thing I was taught by the British Army on my Section Commanders Battle Course was "Indecision kills"!-If you dither and delay when a life or death decision needs to be made people die,it's as simple as that!Tony Blair has proved time and time again that he is incapable of making those types of decisions,the very qualification that is needed to hold the office of Prime Minister he does not pocess!-The delay in ordering the Army in,going against All official advice,during the Mad Cow eperdemic,which caused mass killing of our countries livestock and almost destroyed our beef and tourist industry!The delay and dithering over the "Millenium Dome" that wasted millions of pounds of taxpayers money on the biggest "White Elephant" in history and is now a deserted tent,a monument to "New labour" incompetance!-The delay over informing the MOD and public that he had already "decided" with George Bush,that we were going to invade Iraq,not giving the British Army enough time to prepare and equip our troops resulting in many lives lost due to the criminal lack of essentials such as body armour and good intelligence!-And then more recently we come to his criminal and immoral delay over criticising the Israeli's bombing of Palestine,which caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people!Then we come to the present day and the current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan.A blind man can see that we are fighting an unwinable war without huge reinforcments of both men and equipment!NATO have flatly refused to help and our own forces have been cut to the bone by massive defense cuts over the last ten years sinse Blair became Prime Minister,making it impossible for us to win this alone!Dither and delay over withdrawing and our troops will just keep dying in great big bloody batches for a "Forlorn Hope" which we can never win!-A decision needs to be made NOW!-We need a leader NOW!-The government are happily slapping one another on the back in Manchester,ignoring the screams of the wounded and dying of British Soldiers who,as Blair's toadies are merrily quaffing down their pink gins and canopies,are fighting for their lives against overwhelming odds for an ungratefull and unworthy Prime Minister!

I tottaly agree,spot on!

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