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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Wounded Taliban treated in Pakistan!

Read this Not a surprise!-We've known Pakistan has been turning a blind eye and in some cases actively helping the Taliban and Al-Qaeda for years!-Whole areas of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been declared "No-Go zones for their own security forces,allowing the Taliban/Al-Qaeda fanatics to regroup,train,re-equip and plan their attacks in safety.After every engagement they simply cross the border to safety,with coalition troops unable to follow and finish them off for good!If Britain and the US were serious about ending this bloody conflict they would have sorted out Pakistan's involvement and blatant collaboration with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban long ago!-Which brings me to why have the Pakistan government been allowed to openly get away with supporting these evil lunatics and why haven't either the USA or Britain brought them to task over it?-Also why are the Western powers,particularly the United States,so keen to remain in Afghanistan but eventually pull out of Iraq,aren't their goals for both countries the same or is there a bigger picture we're all missing here?Turkmenistan's Karakum Desert holds the world's THIRD largest gas reserve,and has six BILLION barrels of estimated oil reserves and the Caspian region's oil and gas reserves are also the third largest in the world with an estimated two hundred BILLION barrels!Also let us not forget that Afghanistan has its own oil and gas reserves,as yet hardly touched,a probable ninety five MILLION barrels,according to Soviet estimates!-Starting to look a bit clearer now?-The United States official oil policy is to "View oil as a security consideration and we have to protect it by any means necessary,regardless of other considerations and other values"!All of a sudden the Afghanistan conflict can be seen in a new light,it's not about a fight for democracy against dictatorship at all,it's about oil and gas pure and simple and who gets to control it!-To cash in on all this oil and gas a pipeline would be needed,starting in Turkmenistan,running through Afghanistan and guess into what country next-Pakistan,then down to the Arabian sea.The only other route would be through Iran and obviously the US would not see this as an option!-Clearly Pakistan has to be kept an ally otherwise when the "Goodies" start flowing in they could very well throw a spanner in the works!When you look at the Afghanistan conflict in this light doesn't it make you wonder how strong the original evidence for invading the country in the first place was or did America indeed have a different agenda and used the God given excuse of the attack of September 11th and revenge to further its' own colonial goals?

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