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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Blair hails IRA's 'farewell to arms'

Read this If Tony Blair believes that he's a bigger fool than I took him to be!-I served two tours in Northern Ireland between 1989 and 1992,with the British Army,and the one thing that was apparent to anyone with half a brain was that it had gone past a political solution years ago,the IRA and all its offshoots were no more interested about a "United Ireland" than the protestants,it was about money and power,period!Both sides in the "Troubles" were nothing more than armed criminal gangs making a fortune through drug dealing,prostitution,smuggling and racketeering,under the false banners of either republicanism or patriotism!The high levels of unempolyment and povety made excellent recruiting grounds for these "Mafia" style gangs,and by pretending to fight for their various communities religeous rights and freedom produced the kind of loyalty and support,that enabled them to florish for so long.Not any more though!-Now that we're all one big happy family,both communities have wised up to this deception,as has the USA who nievely funded the IRA for years through NORAID,(until they descovered the stupid error of their ways)and have had enough!For Tony Blair to announce that these criminals have just handed in all their guns and explosives and are no longer operating is beyond belief!They will continue to threaten,steal and kill until someone with a backbone and courage sits in number ten and stops them!

Spot on!at least someone out there knows the truth!

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