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Friday, November 10, 2006


More Britons are turning to terror, says MI5 director!

Read this

"Young teenagers are being groomed to be suicide bombers"!

"1,600 suspects under surveillance!"

"30 plots to kill, maim, damage!"

"200 terror groups or networks!"

"More and more people are moving from passive sympathy towards active terrorism through being radicalised or indoctrinated by friends and families!"

"It is the youth who are being actively targeted, groomed, radicalised and set on a path that frighteningly quickly could end in their involvement in mass murder of their fellow citizens, or their early death in a suicide attack or on a foreign battlefield!"

"The significant Muslim population and the constant flow of British-born Pakistanis visiting their families in Pakistan every year have been cited as providing al-Qaeda with opportunities for converting young people to terrorism!"

The enemy are amongst us!-The government,along with the British Muslim community needs to take drastic action to stop this rot spreading!-The schools of hate need to be pulled down and the "False prophets" who spread this evil need to be either imprisoned or deported before they can brainwash any more "Would-be" suicide bombers!-This threat is a direct result of New Labour's failed open Door policy,flooding the UK with the scum of the world,and the dreadfully inept "Multicultural policy" that has created "Ghettos" of Muslims,living separate lives from mainstream Britons,refusing to accept our values and way of life and alienating their young against the British way of life!-Tony Blair taking us into an illegal war through lies and deception and his refusal to admit his guilt and pull our troops out of both Iraq and Afghanistan hasn't really helped the problem either!-It's given young,disillusioned British Muslims a cause to rally round and the "Mad Mullahs" an abundance of fuel to throw on the fire of extremism!-The "Ghettos of hate" need to be torn apart,Muslim and other ethnic minority communities need to be broken up and dispersed throughout the UK and encouraged to integrate into mainstream British society,multiculturalsm has been proved not to work,all it does is discourage integration and alienate both communities to each other!-You only have to go to Wembley,where the British residents are now a minority and Asians are now a majority to see the mistrust,frustration and hate!The government needs to act now before it's too late and more home grown suicide bombers are created through lack of understanding and frustration!

Read also-What motivates young Britons to embrace Islamist extremism?

Not wrong!Slam the door shut and start closing down all the ghettos!Councils should have the power to move minority residence away from large minority ghetto areas and disperse them so eventualy there are no ghettos left!

Wembley is predominantly a Gujarati community - they are not Muslims. And I don't think there's much hatred or tension in Wembley. You have a point, but I don't think you should equate a problem to people being Asian - the colour of skin doesn't really matter, and plenty of Asians are very much integrated into British society. Look at the educational and occupational achievements of the Indian community for an example (which now surpasses that of whites). For Muslims it's a very different story - colour of skin does not equate to a problem.
Send "them" back "where"? Most non-whites in the UK were born in the UK. And what do you do about mixed race people?
most non whites in the uk were born in the uk ???? so if i was born in a stable id be a fucking horse !?!?! he's right send them back & the half caste's think they are black anyway ! dave boy
good reply
Break up and disperse communities? Are you for real? Do you want soldiers sent into communities of Muslims to "break them up" and "disperse" them? Like Nazis?
Of course not!I'm suggesting a more responsible and thought out policy when the councils decide to house large groups of immigrants and not swamping areas of the country with the same ethnic groups but spreading them around the country to try and discourage seperatism and encourage integration and a feeling of belonging to Britain.For the areas that are already heavily populated with large groups of ethnic minorities I'm not really sure what can be done.I am not a Neo-Nazi,I support SOME,of the policies of the BNP,not all,I'm against Britain's involvement in both Iraq and Afganistan,as you've probably guesed from my previous articles,(as do the BNP),I'm against the dictatorship of the European Union and its attempts to take over control of all our lives and strip away our right of self rule(As are the BNP)And I'm in favour of proper,fair immigration and border control,which the BNP have been a lone voice for years and have taken a huge amounts of flack for in the press.Also they want to increase spending on defense which I'm also in favour of!-No other mainstream party seems interested on these points which is why they got my attention.However,I DO NOT support some of their more right wing views which are a bit too far to the right of "Ghengis Khan" even for me!
You had me worried for a second then. I remember racially integrated housing policies sorted a lot of ghettoisation in Handsworth after the race riots there, or so people told me.

You have very interesting views. I'm not sure which ones I agree with about "Policy" as I don't think I even look to government or policy anymore, I think until we evolve beyond this form of democracy we will only get the govenment we deserve.

I don't like it, but I think the majority want a "Blair" character. A "Caring Conservative".

I remember when the UBA came down to Finsbury park I asked Abu Hamza if he would talk to some of them as they said they were misrepresented as "racists".

He said "I'm not performing for any of these cameras. I have spoken to Nick Griffin. He has some interesting ideas.."

Asd far as my attitude to Europe, I think they are all too well paid for what they do but i think we should link up to stablise economies and celebrate our diferences.

I would rather invest in property in Romania than complain about any Romanian who wanted to work illegally here. Loads of British people are benefiting from and being of benefit to Eastern Bloc nations economies already.

The Dagenham BNP mentality interests me, especially as I see the same attitude in Fundamental Islamist kids (who don't want to bomb here) in Finsbury park.
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