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Sunday, October 08, 2006


Blair condemned by Army for 'you will have what you need' pledge!

Read this

"We are paying the price for fighting wars on two fronts!"

"well-known fact" within the military that virtually all helicopters were committed to training or operations!"

"The Afghan campaign will not be won with the use of hi-tech gadgetry, it will be won by boots and bayonets!"

"Six of the military's eight operationally deployable combat brigades are already committed to operations in Afghanistan and Iraq!"

"Senior commanders are reluctant to commit extra troops to Afghanistan because, according to one officer, "there would be nothing left to deal with any unforeseen emergency!"

Thank God that some senior army officers have the courage to speak out against Tony Blair's blatant lies for the sake of their men's lives!-He must either give our troops what they need or pull them out,it's as simple as that!-One of the basic rules of strategy is you never reinforce failure,and the situation in both Iraq and Afghanistan is quite obviously untenable without massive reinforcements,which we haven't got and the rest of NATO aren't prepared to give us,so Tony Blair needs to wind his neck in,do the honorable thing,admit he was wrong and bring our boys home before any more of our troops are killed or injured for a "forlorn hope"!

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