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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Race clashes hit Windsor!

Read this Race riots in Windsor?-Am I reading correctly,they can't possibly mean THE Windsor,where the Queen spends her days off?-There must be another Windsor up North somewhere that I don't know about,near Bradford or Birmingham perhaps!It couldn't possibly be the sleepy,picturesque town in West Hampshire where the worst thing that could ever happen is someone dropping a scone in "Ye Olde Tea Shoppe"!-Race riots,no they must be wrong!It's probably a misunderstanding between contestants at the annual village tombolar cake baking contest or something harmless like that,it certainly couldn't be "racially related" I mean,surely they don't allow foreigners to live there?The Royals would go ballistic!Yes definitely a printing error,I mean if it could happen in Windsor it could happen anywhere and surely our government wouldn't allow the country's security and race relations to get that out of hand?After all,you have to be competent to be a polititian,don't you? No,definitely a mistake-Back to my pink gin and copy of "Country Life!"

Bloody muslim bastards! the police say they will have a no tolerance policy towards anyone targetting this dairy but they dont say anything about the scumbags walking up and down the high street chanting "we are getting our mosque" do they ? No of course they fucking dont we are just the bunch of wankers who PAY THEIR WAGES! i have said it before if they want to live like muslims FUCK OFF TO PAKISTAN and leave us alone you scum sucking arseholes!
well said mate
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