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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Policy can wait, leadership can't!

Read this I'm still not convinced by David Cameron,he has the personality of a trainspotter and the sense of humour of an undertaker-Boring,Boring,Boring!!!-When are the Tories going to get anyone who actually stands out as a true leader and has the necessary backbone and good old fashioned balls to do the job properly and put Britain's interests first and the rest of the world's second and not give a rat's arse what America and the European Union think!-Let's face it,the Conservative party's history of late doesn't exactly inspire confidence,for the last ten years Labour have completely lacked any credible sort of opposition party.Every single leader of the Tories who have served through Tony Blair's "presidency" have shown neither the political will or backbone to take him on as a respectable adversary.Time and time again they've missed golden opportunity's to bring the Labour "Politburo" to its knees-We've had the mad cow disease fiasco,the "Great White elephant" of the millennium dome,Cash for peerages and of course the lying and hypocrisy over Iraq and Afghanistan,to name but a few of the criminaly negligent,incompetant and mismanaged events that mark Tony Blair's reign of power.A dictatorship that could have ended a lot sooner if the Tories were led by a proper leader.They need someone who will inspire trust and respect,a true leader who will lead by example and do the right thing,not the politically correct right thing,a leader who will not be intimidated by whatever war mongering lunatic sits in the Whitehouse next,who will happily give the finger to Brussels and pass laws for our benefit instead of the rest of the worlds.A leader who will admit that the current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is unwinable and bring our boys home.A leader who will not be frightened to address the problem of mass immigration correctly and bin the inanely stupid and naive "Open Door" policy and give this nation its border control back!A leader who will pull us out of the European Union,with all its ridiculous,left wing laws and let our own democratically elected government run our country instead of some unelected interfering foreigners!-When I see a man like that stand at the head of the Conservative party I might be tempted to vote for them,until that time my loyalty will remain with the only party that is making any kind of sense-The British National Party.I may not agree with some of their more right wing views,in fact I abhor them,but they are the only party with the balls to say what needs to be said about Iraq,Afghanistan,immigration and the EU!

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