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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Muslims can never conform to our ways

Read this A voice of reason!-This is the reason why a multi-cultural society doesn't and will never work in Britain!We are worlds apart from Muslims and I can't see that gap being bridged unless some serious compromise is reached by us all. "We shouldn't have to bend,it's our country,they're the guests so it's up to them to wind their necks in and start changing their attitude to basic rights like free speech and obeying our laws!" -You might say but compromise is a two way street and England,throughout its history,has opened its doors to many other races and religions and we've managed to live in harmony.However,some serious house cleaning needs to be done by the British Muslim community!The current debate over the veil is a mere drop in the ocean to the bigger picture of the problems with Islam in this country and until they're addressed we cannot move forward as a society.For years they have turned a blind eye to the extremists in their midst allowing their hatred and treason to flourish,with their evil imams twisting the words of the Koran,which teaches peace-NOT hatred( Have these fools even read it? ) to suite their own means,making out the free West to be at war with Islam and brainwashing the gullible with false truths about their religion!The change has to start with British Muslims acknowledging that the problem lies within and to begin to self police their mosques,expelling any dissidents and informing the authorities of any criminal activity.Our own government is not without fault,for years through spineless inactivity,negligence and the illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan it has encouraged extremism and allowed these evil men to preach their hatred under the false colours of "Political correctness" and "Human rights".What about the human rights of the victims of the bombings of 7/7?What about the rights of every law abiding citizen of this country who has been forced to watch the sickening pictures of Muslim extremists marching through London demanding "Death to the infidels" while the police stand idly by doing nothing,terrified to act because of insane political correctness and government policy which gives the green light to any "Islamanazi" to say and do whatever they please without fear of arrest!You can bet your bottom dollar that if it were white British citizens marching demanding action against Muslims the police wouldn't hesitate to arrest everyone in sight!How does the government think British soldiers feel,returning from the front line after fighting these lunatics to find the country rife with them and their getting preferential treatment,seeminly above the Law?I tell you what we feel-Sick to our stomachs!I didn't risk my life in Iraq to come home to find the same Muslim extremists idiots that were daily trying to blow my brains out for Allah,entrenched over here and the government bending over backwoods to accommodate them!The average man on the street is sick to death of these "Double standards" being inflicted on the citizens of this country by a spineless and inept government!-The wishes and interests of the majority should come before the interests of a minority,but that is not happening at the moment and the British public can only take so much before they take action.A fuse has been unwittingly lit by an incompetent government,Britain today is a powder keg waiting to explode and unless some drastic action is taken to calm the feelings of outrage and injustice that the indigenous population are starting to feel then that keg just might explode and damage this country forever!

Maybe there has only been one serious bombing here because Muslims have been responsible in their community. Abu Hamza preached against attacks here all the time but it was never put on TV. Reporters chose not to show it.

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as your Commander in Chief has said, Islam is very specific about foreign soldiers in Muslim lands. You don't want to be there, they don't want you there.

I'm not sure what the answers are, everyone I spoke to around Finsbury park was against attacks here.

You have a very interesting blog, do you know of any more British troops blogging anywhere?
In answer to your question I only know of four other British Army bloggers they are listed in my links column under "Blogs" and are-"Watching men burn","Universal soldier","Toasted egg banjo" and "The cabarfeidh pages".If anyone knows of any more please let me know as I would like to make contact.We need more Army bloggers to speak the truth and stand up for the boys who "Officialy" are not allowed to have a voice!Too many injustices are happening in our armed forces and noone knows about them because of the official secrets act and censureship at the lowest level!
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