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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Prescott sent to nuclear talks!

Read this Well I'll sleep soundly in my bed tonight then,safe in the knowledge that he's the best man for the job!-Has Tony Blair finally lost the plot?What was he possibly thinking sending this idiot to discuss Nuclear weapons!That's right NUCLEAR BLOODY WEAPONS!Call me old fashioned but the threat from North Korea is real,the present crisis could quite easily escalate into war and you would have hoped that the Prime Minister would have seen how important these talks are and sent his top man,wouldn't he? No!-Instead he sent John Prescott?That's right JOHN BLOODY PRESCOTT!What possible good could this useless,fat,Northern,arrogant,ignorant,incompetent,sleazy,corrupt,tub of lard imbecile hope to achieve?It simply beggars belief!Best start digging your fallout shelter now and avoid the rush!Me,I'm off to live in downtown Baghdad-I think that'll be a lot safer than Britain in the foreseeable future!

Fat twat!
Can noone else see that Princess Toni is just taking the piss out of the world!
What has PRescott got on tony blair? he must have some dark secret locked away in that vast empty head of his! how else can you explain why an incompetant like him can lose his job but still get paid a full salary!
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