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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Scandal Brews as German ISAF Troops Allegedly Pose With Skull!

Read this Stupid Bosch idiots!-The one way of really winding up any nation is to start desecrating the graves of their dead and if you do it in a Muslim country you'd better have a fast horse standing by because the Indians are definitely going on the warpath!If there wasn't enough trouble in Afghanistan as it is,these "Hun" imbeciles would have to go and start acting like their ancestors of old and light the blue touch paper of extremism in Afghanistan!If the locals didn't like us before how do you think they'll behave towards us now that "The West", (and don't get me wrong but we'll all be tarred with the same barbarian brush by the simple "Cave dwellers" of the Hindu Kush!)are playing football with the skulls of their dead?!-Not a good day to be a German soldier or any member of the coalition forces serving in Afghanistan at the moment!-This will come back and haunt us all,British and American troops can expect a tougher time as a direct result of these idiotic Kraut's actions!

Read also-US Pressures Germany to Send Troops to Southern Afghanistan
(That'll go down like a lead balloon with the locals!-Perhaps they'll stay in character and build a few concentration camps?)

wenn ihr uns deutschen mal lassen würdet, gäbe es keine taliban mehr. wenn ihr nicht solche toltalen versager wärt, hätten wir osama schon längst ins gas geschickt.
so sad, that brits and yanks don`t know how to fight. but what can we expect of losers and cowards. SIEG!
HOLY SHIT! POSING WITH A SKULL??!?!?! HOW HORRIBLE! Thank god the Americans and Brits have exhibited MUCH better conduct throughout the Middle East! What's next, are the nasty Kraut Nazis going to SHOOT AT MILITANTS?!?! It's Hitler all over again! FUKKK!!!
Scipio, you're a fucking idiot!!! I served with the Royals and Blue's in afghanistan, and got to work with the germans, they are amongst the best soldiers I have ever worked with. Fuckwad knowitall armchair soldiers like you shouldnt be allowed to have an opinion at all about things like these.
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