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Sunday, October 08, 2006


Nato troops party while British die on the front line!

Read this A total disgrace that our NATO "Allies" party while British soldiers are fighting and dying on the front line!-Time and time again the only members of NATO who are prepared to put themselves in the firing line are Britain and the United States of America.During the cold war our "Allies" were quite prepared to shelter under the "Umbrella" of security provided by NATO and especially Britain and the USA,whose troops were always on the forward edge of the proposed battle area with the Soviet Union,but now that the "Red menace" is no more NATO has become a shadow of its former self,due to huge cutbacks over the last fifteen years since the fall of the Soviet Union,and many of the nations from the good old Soviet era days no longer seem bothered to help each other,now that the threat of the "Russian Bear" is no more,and seem to spend most of the time bickering over minor details instead of fulfilling their obligations under the NATO charter!-What's the point of being a member if as soon as we ask for real help,as in the case of both Iraq and Afghanistan,our so-called "Allies" spinelessly and shamefullly refuse to help for political reasons or fear of repercussions from Muslims worldwide!-Better for us to pull out of NATO,Iraq and Afghanistan now and show the two-faced cowards the contempt they deserve!

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