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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Britain 'is main target for al Qaeda terrorists'!

Read this Well that's the best news I've heard since my piles cleared up!-Tony Blair take note this is your fault!-If we hadn't wound up these nutters by taking part in an illegal war in both Iraq and Afghanistan and if Blair had shown some moral courage and criticized Israel's disgraceful actions in Lebanon and told Bush to shove his head up his arse we wouldn't be having this problem now!Also if Britain had proper border control instead of New Labour's "Open door to all scumbags" policy then the security forces might have half a chance to catch these murdering psychotic tosspots before they even get off the banana boat!All Tony Blair and his imbecilic politburo will be remembered for,apart from corruption,incompetence,criminal negligence,sleaze and arrogance,will be his deceit in taking Britain into an illegal war,inviting every "Would-be" Islamic nutter to come and kill a Brit for Allah,and the total destruction of British society through forced mass immigration and biased,anti-English/Christian laws against the indigenous citizens of this country!-Let's throw the idiot out of office before he damages Britain any more and declares war on North Korea!

Hey dont forget he not only let all the fucking scumbags into our country he also PAYS them with our money! I have said it before and I will say it again close all of the mosques NOW!
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