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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Gurkha support unit praised for work in Iraq!

Read this Well done lads!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


3 Para Battlegroup Op Herrick 4

Every man an Emperor!


Just out!


Magna Carta 2007 - an updated version to protect us from an overweening State!

Read this Not wrong,couldn't agree more!


Arrests after Indian Mutiny graves smashed!

Read this Tossers!-How'd THEY like it if we started smashing up their graves?


Supporting troops needn't mean backing war!

Read this Way to go Boris!-Our troops DESERVE a Parade,it's only our Politically correct Government that's stopping them having one!

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Councils shamed into welcoming troops home

Why welcome home parades are important

Why councils are letting down our soldiers

Parade snub for Britain's returning soldiers

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I want one!


The price of a soldier!

Read this Excellent bit of kit!


Browne: The Taliban must take a role in the Afghan peace process!

Read this No Shit Sherlock!


Tribute to our fallen


Miliband: 'There was never a military solution to Iraq'!

Read this A bit late to say this now it should have been said FOUR years ago!!!


Surge in Basra killings may force British back to city!

Read this Not good news!


Army housing gets £80m boost!

Read this Good news at last!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Troops in war zones to get 25% rebate on council tax!

Read this Too little too late!-One hundred and forty POXY pounds a tour,whoppee Fucking shit!-In a six month tour that's twenty three pounds fifty pence per month,that'll make a huge difference!-Our armed forces shouldn't have to pay ANY council tax at all,whether they're on operations or not it shouldn't make any difference!

St Crispins Day Says it all:

"Total spin, and a zero sum game, yet again. The government really thinks we the public are stupid by insulting us with this announcment.

The money comes out of the forces budget, so there’s no overall benefit. In fact, it’s worse, as rather than paying additional monies to the MOD for the “extra” war fighting, it’s actually making them take more from thier budget for activities they have not chosen to do (i.e. it’s Blair, Brown who decided this. the Army would have probably prefered to stay at steady state readiness on the existing budget).

The military should not be paying so much council tax in any case, as many services such as nurseries & social clubs are proved on military bases and are wholy or partly paid for out of MOD funds anyway.

When we fight wars, we should draw a line under the peacetime budget, and any additional costs must come out of a war chest or reserve simple as that.

Why just Afghanistan & Iraq? It’s just as sh*t being away from your family for 6 months in Sierra Leone, or Kosovo, or the Falklands as it is in Afghanistan. 80-90% of troops are in support roles and are not directly involved in fighting operations, so camp Bastion is no different for a chef than anywhere else? It’s not WHERE your serving that really matters, it’s the fact that intervals between tours are getting shorter regardless of where in the world they are."

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Too late to speak the truth about immigration!

Read this No shit Sherlock!-Thanks to New LIEbour's "Open door" policy the country is well and truly Buggered!-I'm not a racist I'm a realist and this IRRESPONSIBLE and ILLCONCIEVED policy has done more damage to our country than all of Hitler's legions could have ever done!-Finally the truth about the impact of uncontrolled mass immigration is coming out but it's too late because the rot has already set in!-We don't have enough houses as it is and the ones we could have cost the earth!-The price of rented accommodation has gone through the roof purely because immigrants have bumped the price up because the taxpayer has to foot the bill for "temporary housing" for "Asylum seekers" and the freeloading dross of the world,much to the delight of landlords who can charge exorbitant amounts safe in the knowledge that their rent will be paid by US and not the work shy,malingering leeches who the EU DICTATORSHIP and Gormless Brownose's Politburo have forced on Britain!No wonder these imbeciles keep getting voted in,they're IMPORTING their own electorate!-I don't know anyone who voted for Toadie Blair's Left wing joke of a Government and the reason for that is I don't speak Polish,Arabic or Swahili!
The NHS is a sinking ship,swamped with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of "Medical tourists",Blatantly poncing FREE medical treatment that their NOT entitled to at OUR expense!-How many BRITISH citizens who have lived here ALL their lives and payed taxes have died or suffered needlessly waiting for operations and treatment that immigrants have STOLEN off them?-Call me old fashioned and MR Picky but surely WE should come FIRST before "Johny Foreigner" in EVERYTHING!!!?-Charity begins at HOME!!!
Try and sign up for a GP or a dentist these days and you'll be told to join a very long FOREIGN Que!Try and get a council house or flat if you're born in the the UK and in my case FOUGHT for this country only to be given a great big Fuck off tablet while FOREIGNERS who have contributed Fuck all get preferential treatment because of EU directives and Political Correctness!-Yes I'm PISSED OFF,I'm EXTREMELY FUCKING ANGRY!!!I'm sick to death of seeing the decent,hard working loyal citizens of this country Fucked up the arse by New LIEbour and freeloading immigrant Scumbags!-WE should be at the head of the Que for everything NOT the bottom!
The "Welfare State" was originally set up to help those in need as a "Temporary" crutch until they got back on their feet,it was NEVER intended as a permanent income and give free housing and money to work shy malingerers and spongers while the rest of us have to pay ever increasing taxes to pay for these Tossers and NOT get the same treatment when we NEED it!
If you try and emigrate to Canada,Australia or the USA you have to go through a mountain of red tape.You have to prove you have money and won't be a burden on that country,prove you have a place to live and a job and won't ponce FREE accommodation or benefits and have something to OFFER to that country!-What's wrong with that?-I think it's right and proper and that the same system should operate in the UK.It's fair to everyone concerned.If you want to live here then what can you GIVE to this country?-Not TAKE but GIVE!!!
I'm not against immigration I'm against UNCONTROLLED immigration!-The face of Britain has changed DRAMATIC LY in the last ten years since the New LIEbour DICTATORSHIP,unfortunately NOT for the better!-We were NOT asked if we wanted a "Multicultural" society,it was forced on us and only now are people waking up to the true damage that has been done to our country!-The door needs to be slammed shut and PROPER immigration procedures put in place!
If someone wants to live here then they have to have a job,a house and money in the bank BEFORE they arrive!-The HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants already here need to be rounded up and DEPORTED!-Bugger the European Court of Human rights,these freeloading Scumbags don't have any,throw the leeches out!
Unfortunately our current government is the PROBLEM not the solution and is responsible for the Clusterfuck of immigration so I can't see anything changing until these incompetent,irresponsible,Left wing,politically correct Wankers are thrown out!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Exiled interpreters left in limbo as they wait for salvation from Britain!

Read this An utter disgrace!-The government needs to wind its neck in and do the right thing for these people!-They risked their lives for us now its time to do the honourable and correct thing and pay back that debt by granting them asylum in Britain!


Old soldiers’ tribute draws furious response!

Read this What utter nonsense!-It happened 150 YEARS ago surely the Indians have got over it by now?-Get a life!-What's wrong with honouring our dead?-Absolutely nothing,these left wing,brain dead,Politically correct morons who stopped the plaque seem to have forgotten that our troops were quelling a MUTINY against the Crown and were only doing their job!-These cretins should let bygones be bygones stop digging up the past and let these lads put up their plaque!


Our soldiers ‘deserve US-style parades’!

Read this An excellent idea!

Friday, September 21, 2007


The most offensive fancy dress costumes..... ever!


Families ask why Snatch Land Rovers are still in use in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Read this I can't believe they are still using the Deathtrap!


Very True!


Tribute to our war dead!


War memorial paid for with donations from Daily Mail readers opens to public!

Read this Excellent news but why has it been put in the middle of nowhere when it should be in our country's capital where everyone can see it?-It would look a lot better in Trafalgar Square instead of that mutant statue of a disabled pregnant woman!


Killed soldier's twin returns to Iraq!

Read this His sense of duty is humbling!


2 British soldiers killed in Road Traffic Accident in Afghanistan!

Read this

It is with much sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that two soldiers serving with the 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters) have died in a road traffic accident in southern Afghanistan today, Thursday 20 September 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Brown throws down extraordinary challenge over Mugabe!

Read this Has our new Prime Minister finally grown some balls?-It's a shame Zimbabwe doesn't have any oil otherwise the USA and Britain would have been falling over themselves to carry out a "Regime Change" years ago!
The ONLY way Mugabe will wind his neck in is if someone forces him too at the point of a gun!-Come on Gormless Brownose grow a spine and send the troops in to kick this piece of shit out!-I'll even consider reenlisting to play in that one!-At least everyone would agree it was a righteous and noble cause and the lunatic deserves to get the boot and we couldn't be accused of having a secret agenda or wanting to steal Zimbabwe's assets because it doesn't have any left!


British Army-One Blood!


A shattering of military tradition!

Read this Another callous betrayal of our fighting men by those who are SUPPOSED to know better!-Hundreds of years of history and tradition destroyed forever at one stroke of a bureaucratic pen!


Hercules inquest delay leaves families 'in limbo'!

Read this THREE years until the families can know the truth?-What a load of Bollocks!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Lance Corporal Ivano Violino killed in Afghanistan!

Read this

I stand here in the uniform they gave me when I joined
I was the one who run to sign the papers and serve my country
Now I am in a far off land that I cannot pronounce the name of
And I wonder,is it my war?Is it my fight? Should I really be here?
Then I remember why I ran so fast,I wanted to make my mother proud
I wanted to stand up for her rights,I wanted to be the hero of the hour
And add my name to others who did so before me
And I am at peace,I am where I should be,Doing what I am supposed to do
Wearing the clothes that are my second skin now
And I am proud to be the person I was trained to be
I will not hide away when faced by those who do not believe as I
But I will stand and look them in the eye and let them know
When they were sat in the comfort of their home
That I was there,And made a difference

Anne-Marie Spittle


Book review-3 Para by Patrick Bishop

Read this Excellent book!-If you want to know about what our troops are going through in Afghanistan READ THIS BOOK!!!-It tells the true story of the 3 Para Battlegroup who deployed to Afghanistan in the spring of 2006 into the dangerous Helmand province.At first it was hoped they wouldn't have to fire a shot but that was to change and very soon they were involved in some of the fiercest fighting not seen since the second world war!-The dozens of decorations the battlegroup recieved for their gallantry,including the Victoria Cross,clearly show just what these Airborne soldiers went through!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


2 Royal Anglian Op Telic 8


Australian navy pays for breast enlargements!

Read this Where can I join the Australian Navy?


Private security firms face expulsion by Iraqi Government after shootout!

Read this Not a surprise to anyone who has ever seen Blackwater operate!

"Blackwater Fever"

A common disease among international contractors working in Iraq,Afghanistan and various other 3 rd world hellholes. Frequently attacks young men with only 1 war or
enlistment under their belt, State Dept agents, Former LEOs, anyone associated with an Ambassadors detail and occasional posers.
BKWF has many symptoms; if you have the following you may be infected:

1. Large amount of primping, i.e. mousse in your hair despite the fact you live in a war zone.

2. Your forearms break out in tattoos, often tribal or USMC related

3. All your shirts are skintight "Under Armor" T-shirts

4. Have used, currently using or consider using steroids

5. Refer to yourself as a "Shooter" or "Operator for Blackwater"

6. Look down upon all other PSD teams that are NOT on the Ambassadors Detail, to include other Blackwater employees.

7. Grow a beard to blend in with the locals, even though you are a 6ft tall blonde with a "Death before Dishonor tattoo.

8. Think the UN pool is a good place to pickup chicks

9. Are arrogant and condescending to people with more experience,training and who make more money than you.

10. Forget that doing a mission that has been performed in the past by Tier 1 assets does not make you a Tier 1 asset.

11. Truly believe you look good in a Speedo

12. Despite the fact there are laundry facilities available you insist on wearing a dirty brown T-shirt with your blood type in black magic marker to work.

13. You wear a shemagh as an ascot to fit in with the locals

14. Because you are a "High Speed-Low Drag" PSD guy you think long hair and an unkempt beard looks professional.

15. You are familiar with doing "high threat PSD with CAT team and Air assets".

16. Look puzzled when someone refers to the pool as a "Sausage Fest"

17. You carry a drop-leg holster, wear a Federal Agent Badge, flash bangs, 5 or more pistol mags, asp, handcuffs, surefire light , leatherman,on your belt and a Gerber mark II strapped to the outside of your boot, in the embassy complex.

18. Thursday night is your favorite night of the week.

19. A drunken, naked, Englishman has pissed on the air vents of your trailer

20. You have excellent kit.

21. When your advance goes out on mission, Army MPs secure your perimeter.

22. Believe by running locals off the road you are winning their "hearts & minds".

23. Despite earning a six figure income you wear a ragged ball cap that has not ever been washed

24. Your 9 man PSD team consists of 34 men, 6 armored SUVs, 2 Army Stryker vehicles, an MP company, 2 "little birds" and 2 AH-64 gunships. With an AC-130 on call!

25. Your entire wardrobe can be purchased at Brigade Quartermasters.

26. You have a Blackhawk credit card.

27. You refer to Myock as "The Farm"

28. You know what color the boathouse at Hereford is.

29. The girls talk to you because you "make the big bucks"

30. You have a Bear paw tattoo

31. The most dangerous thing you have ever done is: PSD!

32. You blouse you Royal Robins 5.11 pants into your boots

33. Often email pictures of yourself in body armor, weapons and kit to all your friends, family and anybody that you have their email address.

34. Believe people really give a shit about seeing multiple pictures of you in your body armor, weapons and kit.

35. If you have ever gotten drunk and pointed loaded weapon at your best friend and thought it" was FUN!"

36. You demonstrated your "quick draw" technique to your girlfriend.

37. You have been seen wearing a black boonie hat, black shirt,black pants, black boots, black body armor, black ammo pouches and a MP5in a desert environment when its 110 degrees

38. You refer to yourself as a "rock n' roll mercenary"

39. Despite having tons of assets-you have not left the Embassy Compound since July.

40. As it has gets colder instead of wearing a long sleeve shirt,you wear long underwear with a short sleeve golf shirt. But the golf shirt has your company logo on it.

41. You have ridden a bicycle off the diving board into a swimming pool and thought you were impressing people.

42. You spray paint your weapon into a desert camo pattern, though you only operate in a urban envoirment

43. An MP5 is your primary weapon

44. All your T-shirts have a police, military, weapon, or SWAT school logo on them

45. Chasing pussy is more important than your job performance

46. A chap from CRG has had to give you a lesson in manners, after you pushed him out of your principles way. Even though the lad had already stepped aside.

Hat-Tip: Pete D,(Ex RGJ)Baghdad.


British soldier from 36 Engineer Regiment killed in Afghanistan!

Read this

It is with immense sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of a soldier from 36 Engineer Regiment in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan yesterday, Monday 17 September 2007.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Tribute to our armed forces!


Bush setting America up for war with Iran!

Read this Is the man raving mad?-With Britain and the USA already fighting TWO wars in Iraq and Afghanistan he wants to start a third with Iran?-I don't think even the massive US military could commit its resources to a prolonged fight against the Iranians whilst still embedded deeply on a war on two fronts with no end in sight.And I hope George Bush doesn't expect Britain to get involved with this misconceived forlorn hope because we certainly haven't got the resources or manpower to cope with our present commitments without having to take on a third battleground!-Let's hope Gormless Brownose shows a bit of backbone and gives Uncle Sam the bird if this inane idea is suggested!


Glasgow student 'planned to join Canada plot'!

Read this The charge should have been TREASON and the punishment DEATH!-String the Scumbag Traitor coward up!


Secret war of the SAS!

Read this Still the best in the World!


Failed IED attack!

Lucky Bastards!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Remembrance day


Support for Britain's fighting troops: When will this be a land fit for heroes?

Read this You can tell when the armed forces minister is lying-his lips move!


Breakthrough as DNA identifies WW1 soldier!

Read this May he finally rest in peace.


British troops are left without medics!

Read this Absolutely appalling!-Another example of penny pinching at the MoD putting British soldiers lives at risk!-This is the direct result of the Government's IRRESPONSIBLE and INCOMPETENT decision to close all our military hospitals!-What did they think would happen when our troops were wounded in combat?-Who is supposed to care for them when the idiots at the MoD disband all our medical units?I'd like to send the Civil "Serpents" responsible for that inane idea out to Iraq or Afghanistan and see how they like the prospect of being wounded and not having adequate medical facilities available for them!
And another thing,why have we only got TEN support helicopters out there?-Lynxs can't fly in the heat,I never saw any in the air in Iraq,so they're as about as useful as tits on fish and out of the eight Chinooks you can guarantee that at least two will be out of service at any one time,grounded for routine maintenance,leaving only Six or less to support our troops over a large area!That's of course providing they have any "Air-hours" left as military helicopters are only allocated a limited amount of flying time per day before they are grounded for maintenance.
Having had to call for a "Medivac" myself in Iraq for a close friend wounded by a landmine,I know firsthand what having a helicopter on immediate call can mean.Luckily that day one was available and my friend survived,but I can only imagine the frustration and rage that our troops are feeling in combat when they have wounded,call for help and no one answers!
The government has a moral obligation to provide adequate equipment to our servicemen as part of the "Military Covenant" and is currently FAILING in that obligation!This is a NATIONAL DISGRACE,it makes me sick to my stomach at the betrayal of our armed forces by Gormless Brownose and his Politburo.They are not fit to lick the soles of our soldiers boots and do not deserve the loyalty and bravery that our armed forces our demonstrating daily in Iraq and Afghanistan!


2012 snub for RAF daredevils!

Read this What utter Politically correct,Left wing Bollocks!!!


Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil!

Read this Not a shock!-Tell us something we don't know!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Rest in Peace


Bush the Jihadist: How the world was plunged into an apocalyptic war!

Read this Good point,well brought out!


Defence of the Realm: The tale of the Panther!

Read this 166 MILLION pounds for a wagon that's too small to Carry out its function,vulnerable to attack as it's an obvious command vehicle and can't even fit into a chinook which was its original purpose!-The lunatics have definitely taken over the MoD asylum!


Basra troops 'will move to Kuwait'!

Read this Excellent news,let's hope this happens quickly and the remaining troops leave asap!


Get out or die, security force chief tells interpreters for British Army!

Read this What the Buggery Bollocks are the Government waiting for before they help these people?-Are they hoping if they dither and delay long enough the problem will go away because all the interpreters will be dead?-It's a disgrace that the ungrateful charlatans who jokingly have the gall to call themselves our government are "Reviewing" the situation at all!-STOP REVIEWING AND ACT NOW BEFORE THEY'RE ALL KILLED!!!-These Iraqis have willingly risked their lives working for us,we owe them a huge debt and it's the least we can do to grant them asylum.Gormless Brownose needs to make a decision NOW and do the decent thing before it's too late!

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