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Monday, September 17, 2007


Bush setting America up for war with Iran!

Read this Is the man raving mad?-With Britain and the USA already fighting TWO wars in Iraq and Afghanistan he wants to start a third with Iran?-I don't think even the massive US military could commit its resources to a prolonged fight against the Iranians whilst still embedded deeply on a war on two fronts with no end in sight.And I hope George Bush doesn't expect Britain to get involved with this misconceived forlorn hope because we certainly haven't got the resources or manpower to cope with our present commitments without having to take on a third battleground!-Let's hope Gormless Brownose shows a bit of backbone and gives Uncle Sam the bird if this inane idea is suggested!


I don't think that bush will bomb
iran around now, for two reasons:

A: it will make the situation far
worse in Iraq, and cause the conflict to intensify in
Iraq pass George bushes term in the white house.

B: It would cause the price of
oil to rise from $70 a to
possible to $90-$100 due loss
Iranian exports (5 mbpd), and speciation, risk premiums(which
can cause oil to rise by $20
alone).However its worth
the former secretary of state
Colin Powell warned George W Bush
the an occupition of Iraq would
cause the the price of oil to
sky rocket.
I don't know if the U.S. is
stock piling its oil reverse's.
However the news is that
Mr. Sdar told his army to stop
fighting for Six months, I don't
know what means.

Why is oil expensive:
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