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Sunday, September 16, 2007


British troops are left without medics!

Read this Absolutely appalling!-Another example of penny pinching at the MoD putting British soldiers lives at risk!-This is the direct result of the Government's IRRESPONSIBLE and INCOMPETENT decision to close all our military hospitals!-What did they think would happen when our troops were wounded in combat?-Who is supposed to care for them when the idiots at the MoD disband all our medical units?I'd like to send the Civil "Serpents" responsible for that inane idea out to Iraq or Afghanistan and see how they like the prospect of being wounded and not having adequate medical facilities available for them!
And another thing,why have we only got TEN support helicopters out there?-Lynxs can't fly in the heat,I never saw any in the air in Iraq,so they're as about as useful as tits on fish and out of the eight Chinooks you can guarantee that at least two will be out of service at any one time,grounded for routine maintenance,leaving only Six or less to support our troops over a large area!That's of course providing they have any "Air-hours" left as military helicopters are only allocated a limited amount of flying time per day before they are grounded for maintenance.
Having had to call for a "Medivac" myself in Iraq for a close friend wounded by a landmine,I know firsthand what having a helicopter on immediate call can mean.Luckily that day one was available and my friend survived,but I can only imagine the frustration and rage that our troops are feeling in combat when they have wounded,call for help and no one answers!
The government has a moral obligation to provide adequate equipment to our servicemen as part of the "Military Covenant" and is currently FAILING in that obligation!This is a NATIONAL DISGRACE,it makes me sick to my stomach at the betrayal of our armed forces by Gormless Brownose and his Politburo.They are not fit to lick the soles of our soldiers boots and do not deserve the loyalty and bravery that our armed forces our demonstrating daily in Iraq and Afghanistan!

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