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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Brown throws down extraordinary challenge over Mugabe!

Read this Has our new Prime Minister finally grown some balls?-It's a shame Zimbabwe doesn't have any oil otherwise the USA and Britain would have been falling over themselves to carry out a "Regime Change" years ago!
The ONLY way Mugabe will wind his neck in is if someone forces him too at the point of a gun!-Come on Gormless Brownose grow a spine and send the troops in to kick this piece of shit out!-I'll even consider reenlisting to play in that one!-At least everyone would agree it was a righteous and noble cause and the lunatic deserves to get the boot and we couldn't be accused of having a secret agenda or wanting to steal Zimbabwe's assets because it doesn't have any left!

Oh no, Chosen One, our lads are over extended already, lets not commit them to yet another fight! And if we did go in everyone in Africa would instantly scream 'Imperialism' and would come running to Mugabes rescue, and you know they would. It's what they do. No, Africa has to sort this man out, and if nobody in that continent has the courage to do so then so be it - our lads have enough to do.
its not going to happen, this is just to distance himself from the northern rock debacle
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