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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Get out or die, security force chief tells interpreters for British Army!

Read this What the Buggery Bollocks are the Government waiting for before they help these people?-Are they hoping if they dither and delay long enough the problem will go away because all the interpreters will be dead?-It's a disgrace that the ungrateful charlatans who jokingly have the gall to call themselves our government are "Reviewing" the situation at all!-STOP REVIEWING AND ACT NOW BEFORE THEY'RE ALL KILLED!!!-These Iraqis have willingly risked their lives working for us,we owe them a huge debt and it's the least we can do to grant them asylum.Gormless Brownose needs to make a decision NOW and do the decent thing before it's too late!

They are probably waiting for the many insurgant groups to kill them all and save the MOD the air fare. These people are no differnt to British soldiers, once they have served thier purpose they are forgotten about.
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