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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Too late to speak the truth about immigration!

Read this No shit Sherlock!-Thanks to New LIEbour's "Open door" policy the country is well and truly Buggered!-I'm not a racist I'm a realist and this IRRESPONSIBLE and ILLCONCIEVED policy has done more damage to our country than all of Hitler's legions could have ever done!-Finally the truth about the impact of uncontrolled mass immigration is coming out but it's too late because the rot has already set in!-We don't have enough houses as it is and the ones we could have cost the earth!-The price of rented accommodation has gone through the roof purely because immigrants have bumped the price up because the taxpayer has to foot the bill for "temporary housing" for "Asylum seekers" and the freeloading dross of the world,much to the delight of landlords who can charge exorbitant amounts safe in the knowledge that their rent will be paid by US and not the work shy,malingering leeches who the EU DICTATORSHIP and Gormless Brownose's Politburo have forced on Britain!No wonder these imbeciles keep getting voted in,they're IMPORTING their own electorate!-I don't know anyone who voted for Toadie Blair's Left wing joke of a Government and the reason for that is I don't speak Polish,Arabic or Swahili!
The NHS is a sinking ship,swamped with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of "Medical tourists",Blatantly poncing FREE medical treatment that their NOT entitled to at OUR expense!-How many BRITISH citizens who have lived here ALL their lives and payed taxes have died or suffered needlessly waiting for operations and treatment that immigrants have STOLEN off them?-Call me old fashioned and MR Picky but surely WE should come FIRST before "Johny Foreigner" in EVERYTHING!!!?-Charity begins at HOME!!!
Try and sign up for a GP or a dentist these days and you'll be told to join a very long FOREIGN Que!Try and get a council house or flat if you're born in the the UK and in my case FOUGHT for this country only to be given a great big Fuck off tablet while FOREIGNERS who have contributed Fuck all get preferential treatment because of EU directives and Political Correctness!-Yes I'm PISSED OFF,I'm EXTREMELY FUCKING ANGRY!!!I'm sick to death of seeing the decent,hard working loyal citizens of this country Fucked up the arse by New LIEbour and freeloading immigrant Scumbags!-WE should be at the head of the Que for everything NOT the bottom!
The "Welfare State" was originally set up to help those in need as a "Temporary" crutch until they got back on their feet,it was NEVER intended as a permanent income and give free housing and money to work shy malingerers and spongers while the rest of us have to pay ever increasing taxes to pay for these Tossers and NOT get the same treatment when we NEED it!
If you try and emigrate to Canada,Australia or the USA you have to go through a mountain of red tape.You have to prove you have money and won't be a burden on that country,prove you have a place to live and a job and won't ponce FREE accommodation or benefits and have something to OFFER to that country!-What's wrong with that?-I think it's right and proper and that the same system should operate in the UK.It's fair to everyone concerned.If you want to live here then what can you GIVE to this country?-Not TAKE but GIVE!!!
I'm not against immigration I'm against UNCONTROLLED immigration!-The face of Britain has changed DRAMATIC LY in the last ten years since the New LIEbour DICTATORSHIP,unfortunately NOT for the better!-We were NOT asked if we wanted a "Multicultural" society,it was forced on us and only now are people waking up to the true damage that has been done to our country!-The door needs to be slammed shut and PROPER immigration procedures put in place!
If someone wants to live here then they have to have a job,a house and money in the bank BEFORE they arrive!-The HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants already here need to be rounded up and DEPORTED!-Bugger the European Court of Human rights,these freeloading Scumbags don't have any,throw the leeches out!
Unfortunately our current government is the PROBLEM not the solution and is responsible for the Clusterfuck of immigration so I can't see anything changing until these incompetent,irresponsible,Left wing,politically correct Wankers are thrown out!


Its too easy blame the left for
this sitution. what you are
dealing with is a Toxic mix of Economic Liberalism and liberal
multiculturalism. Economic Liberals support Unlimted
immigrantion beacause they what cheap labour and faster
popalation growth leads to 1/2% annual GDP increase.
Liberal multiculturalists do so because there are mostly middle
class and hate their country. The problem is what is britian going
do for cheap labour if you halt all immigrantion?
Another reason for the high level
of immigrantion into britian
is that its abortion rate is very high. It is about third of birth rates born each year. However a
solution to the future demographic crises would to restrict abortion,
by emphasizing collectivize
reasonability rather an automatic “Woman’s right” to abortion.
That he/she is responsable for
control their own body, with rights, come reasonability’s.
I know I am being very
controversial saying this.

My views on abortion:

Other peoples views on abortion and immigrantion:
more of us should stop moaning about immigration & vote BNP me included
Voting BNP is not a solution it is more of a problem. The problem is scipio is that you have no real vote, you were not consulted on wholesale immigration, you were not consulted on going to war in Iraq, you are not consulted on much at all. A Political class has been created by all three parties, who only require our vote once every four/five years to continue with this elective dictatorship or at best Oligarchy.

A Libertarian Government requires that the Defence forces of a country are a volunteer force, they are properly equipped, they are properly looked after with pensions, medical facilities etc etc. Tax should only be used for the essentials of defence of the realm, not subsidising a whole raft of the population, by some estimates 50% who are totally dependant on the State for their economic well being.

Without Defence there is no Liberty.

Migrants come here bypassing Holland,France and Belgium, because the Ruling Political class is spendthrift with OUR money. If this state assistance to immigration was not there they would not come and many would return home.

You are right Government is the problem, if we had a say a 'Real' vote, this would not be a problem as we would not see immigration as in our national interest.

You and your readers may wish to have a look at this opinion-polling direct democracy website that allows you to vote on policies, not parties or personalities.
"A Political class has been created by all three parties, who only require our vote once every four/five years to continue with this elective dictatorship or at best Oligarchy."
Exactly. That hits the nail on the head and the problem won't be fixed until a large number of the Political Class are swinging by their necks from the nearest lamp-posts.
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