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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Troops in war zones to get 25% rebate on council tax!

Read this Too little too late!-One hundred and forty POXY pounds a tour,whoppee Fucking shit!-In a six month tour that's twenty three pounds fifty pence per month,that'll make a huge difference!-Our armed forces shouldn't have to pay ANY council tax at all,whether they're on operations or not it shouldn't make any difference!

St Crispins Day Says it all:

"Total spin, and a zero sum game, yet again. The government really thinks we the public are stupid by insulting us with this announcment.

The money comes out of the forces budget, so there’s no overall benefit. In fact, it’s worse, as rather than paying additional monies to the MOD for the “extra” war fighting, it’s actually making them take more from thier budget for activities they have not chosen to do (i.e. it’s Blair, Brown who decided this. the Army would have probably prefered to stay at steady state readiness on the existing budget).

The military should not be paying so much council tax in any case, as many services such as nurseries & social clubs are proved on military bases and are wholy or partly paid for out of MOD funds anyway.

When we fight wars, we should draw a line under the peacetime budget, and any additional costs must come out of a war chest or reserve simple as that.

Why just Afghanistan & Iraq? It’s just as sh*t being away from your family for 6 months in Sierra Leone, or Kosovo, or the Falklands as it is in Afghanistan. 80-90% of troops are in support roles and are not directly involved in fighting operations, so camp Bastion is no different for a chef than anywhere else? It’s not WHERE your serving that really matters, it’s the fact that intervals between tours are getting shorter regardless of where in the world they are."

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