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Sunday, December 31, 2006


Happy new year!

Remember-Don't drink too much you might live to regret it!


British troops forced to live in squalor!

Read this Disgusting treatment by an uncaring,unworthy government!-Criminals in prison have better living conditions than our soldiers!-This is a national disgrace and needs to be addressed immediately!-Why hasn't this been debated in parliament by the shadow defense minister?-I bet if the heating packed up in the Houses of Parliament it wouldn't take six months to fix,or if damp and mould appeared on the walls in number ten it would be fixed quicker than you could say "Double standards"!Our servicemen deserve better,they've earned it with their blood,the government aren't fit for office if they allows this deplorable situation to continual!


Injured soldier contracts superbug in British hospital!

Read this Appalling treatment for a wounded hero!-If Tony Blair hadn't closed all our military hospitals in the first place this wouldn't be happening!-Another example of government "Penny pinching" putting British servicemen's lives at risk!-Our wounded deserve the best medical treatment money can buy and need to be treated by military medical staff who understand and are equipped to deal with the unique problems that come with being wounded in combat!-The government need to re-open at least one of our military hospitals now,before any more of our wounded become infected in one of Britain's third world NHS hospitals!


2007: New Years Honours for Service personnel and defence civilians

Read this Congratulations-You've all earned them!


The Veil... and why these leading Muslims won't wear it!

Read this If more moderate Muslims like these came forward and spoke out against the veil we wouldn't be having the "Media produced" lunacy that we see every day by fundamentalists idiots who are using the veil for their own a political agenda!


Death of a family man: He lived for the Army, he died from a bomb in Iraq!

Read this

Guns roar,tracer flys,another British soldier dies,
Bodies heap while you're asleep,the anguished cries of widows weep.
The crack of rounds,a soldiers down,the howling scream of battle sounds.
As rockets stream into the air,the wounded shriek it isn't fair!
As fathers' sons lay down their lives,and leave behind their lonely wives,
As young men bleed into the sand,their lives cut short by strangers hand.
As dreams end suddenly in the sun,it makes you wonder what's been won?
What's worth the taking of a life,a father,son or someones wife?
What can be gained by so much pain,what reason to make horror reign?
When flags unfurl and bugles sound,why do we have to fight for ground?
Why can't we meet as honest men,and solve our problems with a pen?
Why can't we throw away our guns,our rockets,tanks and all our bombs?
And live in peace and without pain,never to see the tracer again,
Never to hear the sounds of war,of bullets,bombs and cannons roar.
Never to see a life cut short,never to see a battle fought.
Never to hear a widow cry,a wounded man scream to heaven,why?
Never to bury your own son,and wonder the reason his life was done.
If only this dream will come true,a better life for me and you.
Until that time I'd better go,to the recruiting office to join the show.

By Scipio(2006)


When will British troops come home?

Read this A question we're all asking and Tony Blair is refusing to answer!


Royal Air Force enlists Stonewall for gay recruits!

Read this No longer the "Brillcream boys" now the "KY boys"!-They'll have to change the name to the "Royal Arse Force"!

Hat Tip for picture Theo Spark


Freed jihadis put Pakistan's war on terror 'back to square one', say senior officers!

Read this More good news for the new year!-Has there been a "Let's make the worst possible decision day" today in all the world's governments?-Certainly feels like it-Another memo I missed!


Doubts grow as sprayers target Afghan poppies!

Read this An excellent idea,remove the poor Afghan farmers ONLY source of income to feed his family and keep them warm this winter,That'll get them on our side!-What genius in Washington thought this masterpiece of diplomacy up?-Why don't we just go the whole hog and kill all their first born too,that'll really win the hearts and minds of the local populace!-This is a prime example of military action being dictated by a political agenda to win votes at home going against the advice of the commanders on the ground and plain common sense!


Half of Royal Navy’s ships in mothballs as defence cuts bite!

Read this A total disgrace!-Nelson will be turning in his grave!-The very fact that the Royal Navy now has only 44 main warships left after decades of cutbacks is a disgrace in itself but the MoD wanting to mothball half that number is simply unbelievable!-What planet is the idiot from who thought this "Gem" up and how much are our enemies paying him?-If he isn't a traitor,which is the only possible explanation I can come up with for effectively destroying the Royal Navy in this way,then how did an obvious lunatic gain high office in the government?-Oh,silly me I forgot,It's quite easy,the whole Labour cabinet are a bunch of inbred imbeciles led by a dangerous moron in number ten,he's only following their example of destroying this country little by little!-Removing the Royal Navy is probably only the first step,the government has already started to destroy the British Army and the Royal Air Force through incompetent mismanagement and cutbacks,over-streaching them to the limit,it's only a matter of time before our armed forces are a mere shadow of their former self!-We're an island for fuck's sake,the Royal Navy is our first defense!-I bet the Argies are rubbing their hands in glee at this new example of gross incompetence and criminal negligence by the government!They could probably recapture the Falkland Islands now with no more than a fishing boat and a handful of marines and what's left of the Royal Navy would be powerless to stop them!-When are these cutbacks going to stop?-We should be spending more money on defense not less!-If Tony Blair hadn't committed our armed forces to fighting illegally on two fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan there would be enough money for all our defense needs.He needs to pull our troops out of the sinking ships of Iraq and Afghanistan now before more servicemen die needlessly and he wastes more taxpayers money on conflicts that are not our concern and starts spending on building Britain's armed forces back up to the proper level they need to be to defend Britain's interests abroad!

Saturday, December 30, 2006


E Coy.Royal Green Jackets


Lance Bombardier James Dwyer killed in Afghanistan!

Read this

When you send the boys into battle,
Send them if you must.
But before you make them go there,
Make sure the reasons are just.

If you think there are reasons for going,
And the reasons are worth all the strife,
If you think you can pay for the losses,
Think – it’s not you who will pay with your life.

Think of the wives who become widows.
Think of the Mums who loose sons.
Think of the fatherless children,
Who are left to be raised by their mums.

It’s not you who will sit in you kitchen,
Feeling the loss on your own.
Struggling to think of an answer to,
“Mum, when is Dad coming home”.

It’s not you who will say to your princess,
After the planes taxis in,
‘Your daddy won’t walk off to meet you,
He’s lying inside a coffin’.

Think when you have your state dinner,
Talking of war, sipping wine.
Neither you nor the other state leaders,
Are sat in the firing line.

If the cause is a just one we’ll back you.
With great pride for our country we’ll fight.
But make sure you know what you’re doing,
And think ‘Is it right? Is it right?’

Sam Steele


Saddam Hussein is hanged for his crimes!

Read this Good riddance to bad rubbish!-They'll be a big fire in Hell today!

Friday, December 29, 2006


Taliban leader says British forces will be pushed out of Afghanistan!

Read this More "Good" news from Afghanistan!


Army recruit crisis as more quit!

Read this Not a great surprise,what does the government expect with the signals it's sending out to potential recruits?-"Join the Army and get your brains blown out for Britain!-See the world-Be sent illegally to the most dangerous places on the planet to fight another country's war by an ungrateful government,without the proper kit you need to keep you alive because all the money's being spent to support illegal immigrants and "Asylum seekers" back in Britain and the possibility of going to prison if you make the wrong split second decision in combat,to save your mates lives,and accidentally shoot the wrong person!-Work 24 hours a day,7 days a week with very little holiday time and if you do get leave have to spend half of it waiting at an airport because all of the few planes available are unfit to fly!-Be paid below the minimum wage while your family back home struggles to make ends meet,given little support while you're away and housed in slums the government wouldn't even put an illegal immigrant in!-And if you happen to get wounded or suffer physiological problems once you've returned home,then have that same government,who you swore to obey and protect with your life,turn its back on you and,if you're lucky,insult you with the most meager pension,and if not,just plain ignore and deny there's anything wrong with you!-I'm surprised anyone enlists at all!


Royal Artillery-Ready to go!


British soldier killed by roadside bomb!

Read this How many is enough?

I stand here in the uniform they gave me when I joined
I was the one who run to sign the papers and serve my country
Now I am in a far off land that I cannot pronounce the name of
And I wonder,is it my war?Is it my fight? Should I really be here?
Then I remember why I ran so fast,I wanted to make my mother proud
I wanted to stand up for her rights,I wanted to be the hero of the hour
And add my name to others who did so before me
And I am at peace,I am where I should be,Doing what I am supposed to do
Wearing the clothes that are my second skin now
And I am proud to be the person I was trained to be
I will not hide away when faced by those who do not believe as I
But I will stand and look them in the eye and let them know
When they were sat in the comfort of their home
That I was there,And made a difference

Anne-Marie Spittle


Beckett's claim of Spring withdrawal from Iraq rubbished by official report!

Read this What a shock,yet again a Labour Cabinet Minister telling the public what she thinks we want to hear about Iraq when the truth couldn't be more different!-Well we should have known she was lying,her lips were moving!-If the government actualy thinks that the British public are all as naieve and stupid as they hope we are they're in for a big shock!-STOP LYING TO US,TELL US THE TRUTH!-It's quite obvious that Tony Blair and his "Toadies" in the Labour Cabinet hold the country in total contempt,well I've got news for him-We hold the government in greater contempt!-I didn't come down in the last shower and the majority of the public,as opinion polls now show,wouldn't believe Tony Blair if he said it was raining!


Lieutenant-Commander John Bridge, GC,GM and Bar

Read this Farewell to a true hero!


Not enough troops for training excercises!

Read this This is a national disgrace!-Our armed forces have been cut to the bone by a decade of criminally negligent under funding and incompetent mismanagement at the hands of Tony Blair's government!-The cuts must stop now and REAL money must be spent on rebuilding our armed forces giving them the equipment and resources they so desperately need to ensure the defense of this country and to enable them to operate effectively at home and abroad without putting lives at risk by penny pinching!


Escalating conflict in Afghanistan claims 22nd British victim!

Read this Another British soldier's death on Blair's conscience!-If he'd been in a properly armoured vehicle it might have been avoided however MoD "Penny pinching" has once again cost a family their son!

Read also-Unexplained explosion kills one British soldier and injures three

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Coming to Britain next week, the people even their own nation is glad to see the back of!

Read this That's the neighbourhood down the toilet!-Can I suggest some signage might help!


Rock the Basra

One of my Company's Iraq videos,this one from 4 Plt.Messines Coy.The London Regiment


Army signs £65m robot contract!

Read this Apparently the MoD got a good deal from "Toys R US"!


RAF scrambling to shadow airliners!

Read this At least the governments doing something right!-I'm surprised the RAF have any fighters spare!


Britons apply to army in Australia!

Read this Not a surprise!-They get better pay,better equipment,better living conditions and a government and Prime Minister with a spine who'll back them to the hilt!


Hundreds apply to be Saddam's hangman!

Read this Must have own rope and be good at knots!


British soldier killed in Afghanistan!

Read thisAnother senseless waste!

I watched and let you die that day,Just an adult child at play;
Maybe I killed you with a twitch of finger
Or a glance of my eye or I hurled my lance.
Perhaps I looked you in the eye and smelled your sweat and fear
As I slid my blade deep into you;Did I look deep into your soul
Or did I look away and vomit?
Sometimes I called you names and removed your humanity
–No Huu-Mann! – so you are dead.
In death you died while I live on and I am diminished and reduced
By your unknown death;Did I execute you or did I kill you
In the name of monarchy or country or was it a professional politician who has never served any bar himself?
Perhaps I stood idly by and watched as you killed yourself and I,
I did nothing but watch.
I did not kill you, did I?Yes I did, I killed as surely as any bullet or bladeAnd I stand before myself and scream,"Guilty, guilty, guilty…" until I have no voice
And my tears run dry and my sobs are still.
I watched you die and I see the blood upon my hands
And I shall remember you in flashback and film
That never-ending scene: your death.
I shall remember you when my children ask,
"How many did you kill in the war?"
I turn away and silently weep for those children who died that day.
They shall have no children of their own nor wives nor sweethearts;
Their lives stopped on that day.
In Memoriam: I killed you!
And, now?
‘I will remember them.’

Chris Green

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


'One immigrant a minute arriving in Britain'!

Read this An utter disgrace!-"President" Blair and his Politburo have completely destroyed this country!-Little by little they've stripped away our national identity and English way of life and replaced it with a politically correct,European Union influenced,left wing dictatorship where your every word and action is monitored and where "Englishness" is criminalized!-The naive and ridiculous "Open door" policy and Blair's disgraceful acceptance and Kow-Towing to EU doctrine,which every other member of the EU pays occasional lip service to,only when it suits their national interest,has all but destroyed Britain by allowing the scum of Europe and the world onto our shores,unchecked and unmonitored to bleed this country dry in handouts and "Freebies" which the British taxpayer has to fund out of their own pockets, through "Stealth" taxes and "Illegal" Draconian laws against our freedom that would have had Oliver Cromwell leaping from his grave and storming the gates of parliament demanding the return of REAL democracy to Britain!-This must stop now before it's too late,if it isn't already!-No wonder that everyone is leaving Britain as fast as they can,I would too if I had the money!Our government has betrayed us and we are being treated as a minority by arrogant,ignorant traitors who have no right to sit in office!-The sooner the Blair government is brought down the better for us all,however with three years to the next election the damage they can have inflicted to Britain by then might well be irreversible!


£1,000 fine for failing to update identity cards!

Read this Someone should tell Tony Blair that George Orwell's book "1984" is a work of fiction NOT an instruction manual of how to run a government!


Pakistan's border maneouvres anger Afghans!

Read this At the end of the day if Pakistan want to fence and mine their border it's their own business and no-one else's!(I wish we'd do the same in Britain!)Let's not forget that in the last two years the Pakistan Army has lost more than 3000 soldiers killed in action fighting against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda on their border and many more wounded!-By creating a permanent,fenced border it might force the insurgents to stand and fight in Afghanistan instead of fleeing across the border into the relative safety of Pakistan's mountain towns and villages after every battle!Also it will hopefully disrupt if not totally break their supply lines and starve them of equipment and ammunition.The conflict on the border has been bloody and long,our history books are full of graphic accounts of battles in the Hindu Kush and surrounding mountains,let's hope that this new border fence will work and end the bloodshed along that infamous landmark for good!

Read also-The Waziristan conflict

Also-Pakistan's Afghan border fence plan "impractical"


UK troops 'need more support from home'!

Read this When a serving Major General dares to break ranks and say our troops are not being supported by the government it cannot be denied!-Time and time again it's being said,when are our troops going to get the equipment and resources they need to operate in Iraq and Afghanistan and when are they going to be treated with the respect they deserve and have earned with their blood by this ungrateful and unworthy joke of a government?-It is a national disgrace that British servicemen face the enemy daily,risking their lives with inadequate equipment and manpower due to cost cutting and mismanagement whilst MPs safe at home vote in a 40% payrise!-Our Armed forces deserve the best equipment and resources money can buy and if Tony Blair and his "Politburo" refuse to get off their fat,useless,incompetent arses and don't start doing something about it then they must be replaced with someone who will!


Military team follows steps of Captain Scott-First in 100 years!

Read this Well done lads!-Why isn't this headline news?


War 'coward' is honoured!

Read this A fitting end to a great injustice!

Read also-300 "Cowards" pardoned


A pittance of time

Good song!


New leader for Turkmenistan!

Read this I bet the Whitehouse is holding it's breadth at the moment to see if a "Friendly" president is voted in and allows the United States access to it's "Goodies"!-After all,Turkmenistan's oil and gas are the reason why the USA and it's vassal "fifty first" state Britain invaded Afghanistan in the first place and why both George Bush and Tony Blair are clinging to the war ravaged country so desperately!-So the US can run an oil and gas pipeline from Turkmenistan,through Afghanistan and Pakistan into the Arabian sea and America solves it's fuel problem for the next thirty years!-I bet if I dig deeper I'll find massive investment in Turkmenistan by US fuel companies,and it makes you wonder if any "Back handers" have been passed by the CIA to "Nudge" the right presidential candidate forward!-Watch Turkmenistan very carefully over the next few months!

Read also-America, oil and Afghanistan

Also-Afghanistan analysis

Also-oil and gas in Afghanistan


Troops fear reprisals will follow Basra raid!

Read this Another example of the "Forlorn Hope" that Iraq has become!-The very fact that British troops not only had to raid an Iraqi police station but also had to completely destroy the building to stop it's future use clearly demonstrates how much the Iraqi police and security forces have been infiltrated and corrupted by insurgents and right wing political partys!-It's not our problem and we are not the world police!-The government should bring our boys home before it kick offs in a big way over there and more of our servicemen die needlessly!

Read also-Not even Saddam's death will unite Iraq now


Saddam to go to the gallows within 30 days as court rejects appeal!

Read this Apparently they wanted to do it sooner so they could release the DVD before Christmas!-Should the murdering lunatic hang?-Yes I think he should!He's been tried and sentenced under IRAQI law by an IRAQI judge and court,whatever the West's feelings on capital punishment(I'm all for it by the way!)we cannot and should not interfere with a sovereign country's right to it's own rule of law!-String the scumbag up,he deserves nothing less!

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Brothers In Arms: An Inspirational Tale!

Read this Their courage is truly humbling !

Friday, December 22, 2006


The death of my youth!

No blogging today,I'm in mourning,it's finally happened,the day we all dread-I've turned 40 today!-I'm staring into an open grave!-Only a slow decline in health,gradually losing all my dignity and then that final appointment with the Grim Reaper to look forward to!-My hair's already gone,soon my teeth will fall out,then my eyesight will go,I'm already partially deaf in one ear and the other will go soon,rheumatism and arthritis will kick in followed by impotence,incontinence,altzimers and then a slow,lingering,painful death!
Bugger that,I'm going to get pissed!-Let's see if I can get sclerosis before I'm 50!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Judge orders asylum family to be hauled back to UK then deported again!

Read this What the Buggery Bollocks is happening to this country?-Has this "Judge" gone stark raving mad?-She's not fit to judge a "women's Guild" cake baking contest as far as I can tell!-Sack her,the ridiculous "PC" lunatic,tell these so called "Asylum seekers"(ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ) to swivel and slam the door shut to any more of the freeloading scumbags!-And give the coppers and Home Office staff who deported them in the first place a medal for actually doing it right for once!


Al Qaeda threatens more attacks on Britain and U.S.!

Read this Oh I'm soooo frightened,best cancel my trip to Tescos then!-Coward Raghead Dickheads!


Stewardess 'banned from taking bible on plane'!

Read this Another example of Political Correctness gone mad!-It makes you wonder what sort of analy-retentive idiot thinks these inane rules up?-Considering we're all SUPPOSED to be tolerant to each other and RESPECT one another's beliefs I see a remarkable example of INTOLERANCE being displayed YET AGAIN to Christianity!-This airline needs to wind its neck in and stop being a political correct arse!


We're not winning - but then we're not losing, claims Bush!

Read this What planet is this idiot from?-"We're not winning,we're not losing"-YOU'VE ALREADY LOST you moron!-"Never reinforce failure",that's a fundamental rule of warfare,you would have hoped that at least one of George Bush's military advisers would be aware of!-Obviously not!


Hypothermia can preserve bodily systems!

Read this The government announces its new policy for the elderly in winter who can't afford to heat their houses!


Just another day!


It is possible to respect the believers but not the belief!

Read this Good point-Well brought out!


You're attacking the wrong nation, Mr Blair!

Read this I wonder if our massive arms deals with Saudi Arabia have anything to do with Tony Blair letting them off the hook over their appalling "Human Rights" record and their obvious and undeniable involvement with Al-Qaida and support of the Iraqi insurgents?-No surely not,he's not that shallow minded is he?-And let's not forget Israel continually stirring up problems in the Middle East with the United States blessing and encouragement and Tony Blair's shameful "Kow-Towing" and spinelessly obeying every mindless whim from George Bush and not attacking Israel for their appalling behaviour in case it upsets his "Master" in Washington!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Iraq chaos will not be solved by military force!

Read this Grim reading for Bush and Blair but obvious to anyone with half a brain!


British soldier 'gave Army secrets to Iran'!

Read this Apparently this corporal is of Iranian descent and a General's aid!-The word "Treason" springs to mind,shame it no longer carries the proper punishment!


Jail for soldier who became heroin addict and stole gun!

Read this This is a disgrace!-Don't jail the man,help him!-We will see more and more of this as ex servicemen suffering from PTSD from Iraq and Afghanistan let the "Genie out of the bottle" when they can no longer cope!-The government needs to address this growing problem instead of burying its head in the sand and hoping it will go away!-It has a moral responsibility to help those who gave so much in the defense of this country and not turn its back on them as is the case at the moment!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Air war costs NATO Afghan supporters!

Read this This is what happens when you go in "Half cocked" with not enough troops on the ground the commanders are forced to rely on more air-power to make up for their lack of resources!


We doubted our 45-minute WMD claim, admits Beckett!

Read this Disgusting!-If they knew that the WMD claim to be false why didn't anyone in the cabinet speak out against the war?-They must ALL equally share the burden of guilt with the blood of our servicemen on their unworthy and dirty hands!

Read also-Iraq failure has put Britain in greater danger


The betrayal of a soldier: Coroner in blistering attack on ministers at inquest!

Read this An utter disgrace!

"In a more honourable Government would have resulted in resignations!"
(Unfortunately this government doesn't know the meaning of the word honour!)

"Levels of pay are a constant grumble, as Tony Blair discovered when visited Afghanistan last month.Several soldiers told the Prime Minister that a basic marine, who is paid just over £12,000,could have earned double in the fire service!"
(I was taking home under £1000 a month in Iraq before I got promoted!)

"Levels of recruitment are holding up,but 9,200 left last year before their period of engagement was up.The armed forces are 5,170 under strength!"
(I was one of them,I quit as soon as I returned from Iraq!)

"According to MoD figures,1,897 soldiers have returned from Iraq with mental health problems, of which 278 have post-traumatic stress disorder,while others suffer depression,acute anxiety or turn to drink or drugs to cope with their problems!"
(I should know I'm one of them-Drink not drugs!)

"The standard-issue army rifle, the SA80 A2, has been dogged by problems, particularly when salt-water and sand interfered with its mechanism. The rifle has been upgraded but complaints persist!"
(This I disagree with,the A2 is a damn good rifle!)

"A quarter of British soldiers killed by hostile action in Iraq were traveling in "snatch" Land Rovers - vehicles designed for Northern Ireland rather than the arid conditions of Iraq and Afghanistan.They are bullet-proof, but provide no protection from improvised roadside bombs!"
(They've started to get better wagons but it's three years too late for our dead!)


No jumps for Paras as MoD cuts £1bn!

Read this This has gone beyond a joke!-What's next stop Royal Navy warships from leaving dock to save on fuel or ground non-essential Royal Air force aircraft?-Oh I forgot the MoD's already done that!-Our armed forces are currently fighting wars on two fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan,and are desperate for more equipment and troops,call me old fashioned and "Mr Picky" but shouldn't the government be spending more money not less on defense?-This is just another example of the governments incompetence and cynical betrayal of our armed forces!

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