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Friday, December 29, 2006


Army recruit crisis as more quit!

Read this Not a great surprise,what does the government expect with the signals it's sending out to potential recruits?-"Join the Army and get your brains blown out for Britain!-See the world-Be sent illegally to the most dangerous places on the planet to fight another country's war by an ungrateful government,without the proper kit you need to keep you alive because all the money's being spent to support illegal immigrants and "Asylum seekers" back in Britain and the possibility of going to prison if you make the wrong split second decision in combat,to save your mates lives,and accidentally shoot the wrong person!-Work 24 hours a day,7 days a week with very little holiday time and if you do get leave have to spend half of it waiting at an airport because all of the few planes available are unfit to fly!-Be paid below the minimum wage while your family back home struggles to make ends meet,given little support while you're away and housed in slums the government wouldn't even put an illegal immigrant in!-And if you happen to get wounded or suffer physiological problems once you've returned home,then have that same government,who you swore to obey and protect with your life,turn its back on you and,if you're lucky,insult you with the most meager pension,and if not,just plain ignore and deny there's anything wrong with you!-I'm surprised anyone enlists at all!

Good shout mate.
Bloody well right! get out of this shitehole if you can lads and go to a country that will appreciate the sacrifices you make! Let Blair and his cronies try to recruit an army from all the scumbag refugees they are letting into the country!Australia or New Zealand are the places to go, get out there and sign up to a force that backs YOU up and is not worried about upsetting foreign nationals!
The MOD spent £89 million advertising for new soldiers it aint working
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