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Friday, December 29, 2006


Beckett's claim of Spring withdrawal from Iraq rubbished by official report!

Read this What a shock,yet again a Labour Cabinet Minister telling the public what she thinks we want to hear about Iraq when the truth couldn't be more different!-Well we should have known she was lying,her lips were moving!-If the government actualy thinks that the British public are all as naieve and stupid as they hope we are they're in for a big shock!-STOP LYING TO US,TELL US THE TRUTH!-It's quite obvious that Tony Blair and his "Toadies" in the Labour Cabinet hold the country in total contempt,well I've got news for him-We hold the government in greater contempt!-I didn't come down in the last shower and the majority of the public,as opinion polls now show,wouldn't believe Tony Blair if he said it was raining!

They have lied since before their first election win and have NEVER told the truth since! They have SPUN so much that they cannot distinguish truth from lies and above all THEY DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK about anything other than their own personal gains!
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