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Sunday, December 31, 2006


Half of Royal Navy’s ships in mothballs as defence cuts bite!

Read this A total disgrace!-Nelson will be turning in his grave!-The very fact that the Royal Navy now has only 44 main warships left after decades of cutbacks is a disgrace in itself but the MoD wanting to mothball half that number is simply unbelievable!-What planet is the idiot from who thought this "Gem" up and how much are our enemies paying him?-If he isn't a traitor,which is the only possible explanation I can come up with for effectively destroying the Royal Navy in this way,then how did an obvious lunatic gain high office in the government?-Oh,silly me I forgot,It's quite easy,the whole Labour cabinet are a bunch of inbred imbeciles led by a dangerous moron in number ten,he's only following their example of destroying this country little by little!-Removing the Royal Navy is probably only the first step,the government has already started to destroy the British Army and the Royal Air Force through incompetent mismanagement and cutbacks,over-streaching them to the limit,it's only a matter of time before our armed forces are a mere shadow of their former self!-We're an island for fuck's sake,the Royal Navy is our first defense!-I bet the Argies are rubbing their hands in glee at this new example of gross incompetence and criminal negligence by the government!They could probably recapture the Falkland Islands now with no more than a fishing boat and a handful of marines and what's left of the Royal Navy would be powerless to stop them!-When are these cutbacks going to stop?-We should be spending more money on defense not less!-If Tony Blair hadn't committed our armed forces to fighting illegally on two fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan there would be enough money for all our defense needs.He needs to pull our troops out of the sinking ships of Iraq and Afghanistan now before more servicemen die needlessly and he wastes more taxpayers money on conflicts that are not our concern and starts spending on building Britain's armed forces back up to the proper level they need to be to defend Britain's interests abroad!

Absolutely right! Its a bloody disgrace the way these arseholes in the Treasury and the MOD are treating our armed forces. And where are our long promised new aircrft carriers. It's time we had another Invergordon Mutiny like the one back in 1931. The effect of a strike by our normally compliant armed force on the government and on public opinion would be electric. A few frigates (if we have any left) parked outside the breakwater at Dover would cause some useful disruption to trade with Johnny Foreigner across the Channel. If the army were to join in with their own mutiny it would throw Blair's foreign adventures in Mesopotamia into complete dissarray. No workers in the public or private sector would put up with such shoddy treatment as has been dished out to our chaps in uniform.
I served in the Royal Navy from 74 to 87. Even at the age of 18 I was astonished at the bungling incompetance and self delusion of my so called leaders, this compounded by the fact that most of the equipment didn't work. I went to the South Atlantic on a type 42 destroyer (that didn't work).
The cold war is now over, there is no potential blue water enemy, unless of course we're going to fight the Yanks! scrap the lot and send the lads on twelve months paid leave. they would love it.
A former "chap" in uniform x
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