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Saturday, August 25, 2007


'They fire first and think later,' say British soldiers!

Read this Mistakes happen in war,that's a basic fact!-Servicemen are human,the equipment they are using is lethal and sometimes in the "Fog of war",where seconds can mean the difference between life and death,the wrong decision is made and people die.That said however a very disturbing pattern is emerging whenever the US provide close air support to our troops.-THEY KEEP KILLING THEM!!!-Once is a mistake,twice is a fluke but DOZENS of times is GROSS INCOMPETENCE!-The United States Air force is CLEARLY doing something wrong,whether it is in their training,rules of engagement or equipment SOMETHING isn't right because the TRIGGER HAPPY IMBECILES KEEP BOMBING BRITISH SOLDIERS!-They even shot down one of our jet fighters,mistaking it for a missile!-How the Buggery Bollocks does that happen?-Having experienced first hand the US army in Iraq and their lack of fire discipline I can say that the problem goes a little bit deeper than just a few random mistakes.The plain truth is the US military work under a completely different rulebook and doctrine than their British counterparts.If our armed forces had enough resources of their own it wouldn't be a problem,whenever they needed air support,our troops could just call in the RAF,secure in the knowledge that they actually hit what they were aiming at and correctly identify the target,however because of DECADES of underfunding,not just by the present government but the Tories as well,our armed forces are stretched to breaking point,with not enough troops,equipment or aircraft and are having to rely on the Americans more and more.The US policy seems to be to blow the Buggery out of any potential threat with OUTRAGEOUSLY overwhelming firepower and if by chance they hit the wrong target well tough Titty we're at war and sacrifices have to be made!-Well call me old fashioned and "Mr Picky" but there's a slight flaw in that plan-IT'S BOLLOCKS!!!
Unless SIGNIFICANT changes are made in the US military's rules of engagement,our own forces are going to lose what little confidence they have left in them and won't even bother calling for their help,which will put our troops lives at risk even more!(Or maybe NOT!)

Read this-Friendly fire - a reality, not just a euphemism

Also-US friendly fire: a long history

And-Friendly fire death was 'entirely avoidable', coroner rule

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