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Sunday, August 19, 2007


British forces useless in Basra, say US officials!

Read this Gobby Yank Wankers!-The British Army ARE the best soldiers in the world and that's a fact!-I've seen what the US Army is like first hand IN IRAQ and during my years of service in the British Army and I wasn't impressed at all!-If anything they could benefit by watching how we do it and then they might actually learn something about soldiering!-Ask any British soldier whose driven up behind a US convoy out there how confident they felt in the American "Topcover" NOT opening fire at them,even though we were in British uniform and British Army vehicles,the answer is not very confident at all as the tossers are renowned for shooting first and asking questions later!!!-They put a whole new meaning into the phrase "Trigger happy"!-You can just imagine "Billy Bob" from a National Guard unit in the deep south,whose parents are also brother and sister and had never been out of his state let alone the USA before and thought the "London Underground" was a resistance movement suddenly finding himself in "Arak" behind a 50 cal and a strange land rover that's not a Humvee homes into view,driven by people who are not wearing the uniform of the good 'ol US of A,well they obviously must be terrorists then so he'll just blow them away for the President!-It happens ALL the time!!And anyone whose been to "Camp Doha" in Kuwait will tell you about the paranoid US Army gate guard who would routinely search British Army vehicles entering the camp even though we were in full uniform with proper ID,blatantly WHITE and BRITISH and armed to the teeth,talk about idiotic!!!-Don't even ask about US contact drills they need to be seen to be believed,just open fire at EVERYTHING in a 360 degree arc and if you accidentally hit an innocent well Shit,they were probably thinking about turning militant soon enough anyway!-Then there's the subtle and ACCURATE US air force!-Talk about using a sledgehammer to kill an ant!-Because of their incompetence and stupidity bombing anything that moves,killing THOUSANDS of innocent civilians in both Iraq and Afghanistan they've done more to recruit new terrorists than Islama Bin laden could have ever dreamed!-Have these imbeciles never heard of IDENTIFYING YOUR TARGET BEFORE SHOOTING?-"Fire discipline" and "Rules of engagement" seem to be unheard of phrases within the US military,they should try it sometime instead of killing anything that moves!-A blatant example of this was the "Free fire zones" in Fallujah,where anyone seen in that area could IMMEDIATELY be fired upon!-What sort of inane and irresponsible rule was that?-No wonder the Iraqi people are fighting back so hard,I would too if some trigger happy "Hill Billy" had just blown away my mum and dad!-For a US General to have the bare faced gall to say that "There will be a stink about this that will hang around the British military," and "This thing is still winnable. They don't intend to cut and run" is BEYOND BELIEF!!-He also said "I'm not sure they did as good a job as they did traditionally. This isn't Northern Ireland. They thought they had a pretty good model but Iraq is a different culture"-NOT NORTHERN IRELAND!-What the Buggery Bollocks does HE know about Northern Ireland,it's ironic considering that the IRA got MILLIONS of Dollars in support from naive "Irish American" idiots over the years,whose irresponsible behaviour contributed to THOUSANDS of innocent people being murdered! and finally to say that "Basra has gone far towards revising the common American image of British soldiers as perhaps the world's best at counter-insurgency" is beyond a joke!-The reason Iraq and closer to home Basra is now officially a total Clusterfuck is because George Bush and Toadie Blaire took us into an ILLEGAL war with NO plan for peacekeeping and reconstruction,AGAINST the advice of their military advisers and,in the case of the USA,have exasperated the problem by heavy handling,using the wrong tactics and killing too many innocent civilians and in the case of our own government,NOT sending enough troops in the first place,NOT providing them with adequate equipment and resources and a complete failure to have a viable exit strategy now the time has come!-If the Yanks are going to throw the first stone then they'd better look in their own house first before they start blaming other people for their own inadequacies!

Gobby Yank Wankers!- enough said!
Spams - don't you just love 'em. Never really been that fond of the gung-ho inbreds anyway. Never ceased to amaze me how the 'land of the fat and the home of friendly fire' still find it acceptable to sing the praises of SF/IRA who they armed and funded. Keen on terrorism whem it was 3000 miles away - not so keen after 9/11.
Some feebleminded thoughts: I scanned the article 3 times and did NOT see a quote where a US official said the Brits were useless. You may think you are the best soldiers in the world, but the Shiites aren't going to see it that way. After you are gone from Basra they are going to boast that they kicked your ass. Finally, you resort to insulting and name calling an ally. Is that part of the code of the Chosen Men? Like it or not, we have more in common with each other than we do with the enemy. The fight with Islam could take decades and we need to stick together.
It really doesn't matter how good the Brits consider their army and their lightweight military presence at Basra to be as they will soon be pulling out of Iraq. Gordon Brown & Co. will have them all out of Basra by the middle of next year at the latest and that will be that; then overstretched US forces will have to fill the vacuum. So much for British "bulldog tenacity"! What a joke! Uncle Sam will have to bear the weight alone, again. Now it's Brown and the Brit army that are surrendering faster than a Royal Navy boarding party! Muqtada al-Sadr and the Mehdi army: 10 Brits: 0
having served along side the americans in both iraq & afganistan i can honestly say they are the biggist bunch of gun ho dangerous wankers ever to have an army !!
Yes, I would certainly agree that the average British soldier is more up to the task for this kind of armed conflict than the Americans. But there were never enough British soldiers in southern Iraq to do the job that they were tasked as effectively as many hoped--and that is the critical fact. Blair committed British land and sea forces to Iraq in concert with the US and on a very poor pretext while running down the UK armed forces at the same time. Thus, the Brits were at a severe disadvantage in trying to do the job they were tasked. Since the 2nd World War (and indeed since before 1945), Britain has had far more experience and success in countering insurgencies than the US armed forces. And while no two insurgencies are the same, the British army has shown itself more than capable of dealing with such conflicts when given the requisite manpower and resources. The US criticisms of British military performance in southern Iraq are quite unfair and unbalanced, especially when compared to the US's record. The Iraq war is another of the US's unprofitable and futile war in which the US will doggedly reinforce failure, as in Vietnam. The Americans were far too short-sighted and did not have adequate organisation and planning in response to dealing with an Iraqi insurgency once the Iraqi army under Saddam Hussein was militarily defeated. Indeed, it seems that they did not think about an insurgency at all: hastily disbanding the Iraqi army and then allowing Iraqi armed forces' armouries to be plundered of their weapons, which promptly went into circulation among insurgents. The lack of planned and organised action by the US military in policing Iraq after the defeat of the Iraqi armed forces is close to criminal negligence and mismanagement.
As an Irish-American who just recently came back from a tour in Mosul I must say that the British forces are absolutely useless. I was in Basra for a few weeks.

Let's compare:

USA in MOSUL - Patrols, some unarmored (because of lack of equipment) including foot patrols.

BRITS in BASRA - No patrols (absolutely none, but just around their bases) but weekly incursions which produce nothing. Absolutely no foot patrols.

USA in MOSUL - it used to be the most combative and deadly city other than the Triangle of Death... now it is one of the safest and people flock there from across Iraq for refuge.

Brits in BASRA - exact opposite. It was once the safiest city, since that is where the majority of troops arrived in the beginning. Now, it is a warzone...unsafe and bridled by insurgents. Nice job screwing up what the American BIG RED ONE did (they were the first there I believe)

In conclusion: Go ahead and get the fuck out of Iraq... I'll be going back in a few months and I think you guys have done less good and more damage.

P.S. - Nice job with the Iranians too. Your guys just surrendered without a fight. Everyone laughs at you. I lost a cousin to an IED, and a friend (wounded) to a sniper. We may be 'gung-ho' but at least we are soldiers. And those SAS guys are a bunch of jerkoffs. What the hell have they done? the American military has captured every high-ranking terrorist. Without the aid of the SAS (due to different communication channels)
the easiest way to prove tat the British army is the god damn best is to look at the the death toll in the time the British army has been in Afghanistan and Iraq we have only lost 184 men in total whilst the loud mouth drunk hill billy's of shit old America have lost over 790 now wot does tat say well i think its self explanatary when i did my tour of Afghanistan i was on patrol we came under fire and were heavily pinned down it got so bad we called air suppourt but the only nearby suppourt was an amrican pilot 5 mins later over came the plane and stupid fuking cunt dropped a bomb which the other half of my section was in i lost 6 friends tat day and i never even had the bottle to go and apologise to the familys of my fallen comrades for calling for help from a useless country its cause of them that my friends died and it cause of them we are losing this war fight the enemy u cunts not ur allies but i seriously hope one day we go to war with America they may think we have a small army now but as soon as that day comes u should watch our numbers grow in the millions as tere is so many people tat hate the yanks so i say fuk the Americans go fight ur own war without us just like in vietnam and look how well u did tere ..
I think your all nobs yanks and Brit soldiers,you should listen to yourselves actin like kids in the playground "I'm better than you" no"I'm better than you" your as bad as each other and before anyone starts,I am British. You soldiers are just puppets who lack the ability to make up ya own minds you just do as our told by your spine less superiors who stand back and watch you go to your deaths, how gullible can you get? Your government could not give a toss about you and you can't see it. You go to war with the best equipment and get your asses smashed by a bunch of ragtag Neanderthals, best in the world my arse! Britain constantly claims to be the best at this and that wot crap! Two world wars aside Britain only ever went to war against other "armies" armed with sticks and spears whilst the Brits had guns,battles against the Zulus anyone? Get real and open your eyes people if you want to go to war start with taking out your own useless governments,now that would impress me heaps, would even join you for that one. I'm not questioning the bravery of soldiers there brave beyond belief just a terrible shame they die for very little-such a waste.Yes I have friends in the forces some are even still alive,the ones that are no longer with us died for nothing-there loved ones ruined for a lifetime
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