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Monday, March 12, 2007


MoD's new £2.4bn radio is too heavy for most soldiers!

Read thisAnother blatant example of GROSS incompetence and CRIMINAL negligence in the Ministry of defense!-What moronic imbecile decided to purchase a radio for the British Army too heavy for infantry to carry?-Has anyone in Whitehall even served in the armed forces?-looking at their recent history of ineptitude I'd be surprised if any of them had even been accepted in the Girl Guides!-This latest example of mismanagement and stupidity once again demonstrates how out of touch and illadvised those who infest the corridors of power really are!-These bafoons don't hesitate to spent over 2.3 BILLION pounds on their own offices,squandering taxpayers money on un-needed luxuaries such as £1000 chairs,marble floors and hot tubs,while our own troops are fighting for their lives this very minute in both Iraq and afghanistan using outdated and inadequate equipment and unable to communicate effectively with their aircover because not all our helicopters and ground attack aircraft can be fitted with Bowman and the damn thing is too heavy for our infantry to carry in combat!-The arrogance,ignorance and incompetance that seems to be comonplace in Whitehall needs to be culled before any more servicemen suffer for the inadequacies of those in command at the Ministry of Defense!

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