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Sunday, January 07, 2007


MoD spends £2.3bn on Whitehall offices!

Read this Has the world gone stark raving mad?-The British Army is horrendously over-streached and desperately short of equipment whilst trying to fight a war on two fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan,the Royal Air Force needs more transport aircraft and helicopters to cope with its increased workload and the Royal Navy is losing warships due to cutbacks at a faster rate than Hitler's U-Boats ever managed,yet with the government falling over itself to save money and penny pinch with the armed forces funding the MoD spend 2.3 BILLION pounds on a facelift?-How can they possibly justify this?-This is obscene!-British Soldiers have been killed because they lack the right vehicles and equipment to protect them on operations,service families are forced to live in squalor in accommodation the government wouldn't put an asylum seeker in yet the MoD wastes BILLIONS of taxpayers money on Oak doors,marble floors a gym and 3100 £1000 chairs!(You can buy an office chair in "Argos" for under £40,who in their right mind would spend a grand on one?)-I hope they saved some of the marble from their shiney new floors because it's needed for the headstones of our soldiers graves!-This is an utter disgrace,who ever authorized this disgusting waste of money should be sacked!-How must our servicemen feel when they find out about this appalling misuse of their funding?-This is just another example of the cynical betrayal of our armed forces by an ungrateful and unworthy government!-The sooner those charlatans in office are forced out the better!

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