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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Soldier from 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment killed in Afghanistan on 29 July 2008

Read this It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that a soldier from 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, was killed in Helmand province yesterday, Tuesday 29 July 2008.

Sorry, 2 Para have lost alot of men out there
.....while MP's enjoy a well-deserved break. Bastards.

It is sad to loose our brave soldiers of the parachute regiment... I salute all of them with great respect...
my name is steve holt.firstly to all the paras god bless..why are people ashamed to leave there nam names.its guys like this that put there fucking arse on the line everyday so we can be safe in our beds at we dont have to worry about dirty terrorist scum.its easy to say this and that when ur not there.that fucking shit in downig street lets all these bastard imigrants into this country,gives them houses,benefit,and they get away with fucking murder.yet the government cant even make sure amazingly brave boys like the paras dont have the proper equipment when they are in theatre.yet today a fucking dirt bastard piece of scum who burnt poppies was only find fifty quid.yet a soldier who parked accidently was fined sixty the fuck do u figure that out.and its not just the paras that are losing people in theatre.i was stopped in town the other day and bourght tickets for a raffle to help soldiers that had ptsd and couldnt hack it because of the trauma and end up on the streets and the bastard in number ten dont give a fuck about our all the families of the people that have been lost,i couldnt imagine how u must feel,at losing a son,husband,lover.not to have them there at night or to see them smile again,my prayers are with u all.thatdick head in number ten should put all these imigrant sroungers back on a boat and tell them to fuck of back to there shit hole and dont scrounge off us english.england for the english.go on the internet and type in rivers of blood-enoch powell and then look into u hearts and ask urself is this what i want as a person for my generations to come.people in charge that dont care.our country are lions led by a group of fucking bastard dick heads who dont give a fuck about us anymore.people are to scared to talk up.not me love u all.god bless the paras,england.and fub all the immigrants off in the sea.
respect to u mr holt.
god bless the paras
A'Men The Holtster. iam ex 1 para! and your right, fuckin immigrants get everythin! we need someone from the Reg. in charge!
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