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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Speechless with fear: on reconnaissance in Taleban-controlled Helmand

Read this Two Jackal all-terrain fighting vehicles breaking down on their first mission and faulty ammunition causing stoppages with weapons in the middle of a contact is not a good day out in any one's books,that the troops on the ground managed to extract from the contact without taking casualties clearly demonstrates the professionalism and motivation of the elite Pathfinder platoon however it worries me that our boys at the front line are still not getting the equipment they need!-With five Paratroopers killed in action last week and another four British soldiers killed yesterday,three of them special Forces reservists and a female intelligence operative,blown up in the notorious "Snatch" land rover,which I can't believe we are still using as it is useless,makes me wonder how long our Armed Forces can take casualties of this number before the strain on resources and personnel gets too much and our military is damaged beyond repair.The government will not release the figures for soldiers wounded on the front line,I wonder why that is?Perhaps if the Truth was known about the REAL cost our fighting forces are paying with their blood in Iraq and Afghanistan then public opinion would force Gormless Brownose and his Politburo to reconsider our commitment in both those hell holes and pull our troops out once and for all!

Read also-Deaths of up to 60 British servicemen linked to poor equipment

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