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Monday, November 05, 2007


Soldier wounded in Iraq is told to leave his Army home within 30 days!

Read this This is a DISGRACE!How dare our UNGRATEFUL and UNWORTHY joke of a government treat this WOUNDED BRITISH HERO in this CALLOUS and DISGUSTING way!!It makes me want to puke!-Gormless Brownose and his Lap dog Politburo don't deserve to even lick this brave man's boots!How our UNELECTED Spineless Scottish traitor "Prime Minister" can even look at himself in the mirror every day without feeling shame and guilt at the way his left wing,politically correct,incompetent,sleazy,corrupt insult of a government has treated our armed forces and our wounded heroes is beyond me!Wounded service personnel and their families are thrown out onto the street without a second thought while ILLEGAL immigrants are given council houses and FULL benefits not five minutes after getting off the Banana boat-Is that justice?

God government beaucracy is the same no matter what country one comes from!..It's a shameful way to treat any man, hasnt he enough on his plate with out the added distress!

What is also telling from that interview is that there is another 80,000 needing assistance and having to deal with this department..i wish this soldier all the best...G
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