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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Wounded Royal Green Jacket gets 'insulting' £57,000!

Read this An absolute disgrace and an insult to a brave wounded Rifleman!-We are hearing about the shabby treatment our wounded soldiers are getting from our ungrateful government more and more.It is appalling and sickening to see a BRITISH HERO treated in this offhand way!This clearly demonstrates the contempt and indifference that Gormless Brownose and his Left wing,tree hugging Politburo have for our armed forces!
The New LIEbour government are not worthy of the loyalty or respect of our servicemen who are daily fighting in the most extreme and difficult circumstances,understrength,under-equipped and underpaid!-The very least the country can do for our troops is to guarantee they will be properly looked after and cared for if they are wounded on OUR behalf.How must the soldiers on the front line be feeling when they hear of the appalling treatment of our wounded?-Verbally abused and insulted in overcrowded civilian hospital wards,denied proper treatment and respect because the government scrapped ALL our military hospitals to save money!-Thrown out onto the rubbish tip with a pittance of compensation and a meagre pension(if you are lucky) as soon as the MoD no longer needs you.Having to struggle to make ends meet because the paltry pension you received is not enough to live on and in far too many cases ending up homeless,sleeping in doorways and on park benches because you don't qualify for benefits or council housing because you were too busy fighting for your country to get on the housing lists while ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS,who have NEVER given anything to this country let alone an ARM or a LEG or their SIGHT are given free housing at the drop of a hat by our politically correct,European Union Lapdog,Insult of a government!

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