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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Government ban wounded British Iraq veteran from the Cenotaph!

Read this

"The Government would not let Jamie join the parade at the Cenotaph because they said it was for veterans only, though I strongly believe they just didn’t want the embarrassment of injured soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan on show!"

Scipio says: "For veterans only?"-Who do they think this wounded Rifleman is if not a Veteran?-Every service man or woman who has had the GUTS to enlist in the British Armed forces and served in the defence of this country is a veteran!-I'd like to meet the bureaucratic Whitehall cretin who made this lunatic decision and show him just what another able bodied Rifle "Veteran" thinks of him!-How dare they treat this wounded hero in this disgraceful and insulting way!Rifleman Jamie Cooper should have LED the parade,not have been banned from it!Remembrance Sunday is even more relevant now than ever before with British soldiers fighting and dieing in Iraq and Afghanistan and THOUSANDS getting wounded in the service of this country.
I wish the Royal Green Jacket association had been told of this Illegal ban,we would have been PROUD and HONOURED to have him parade with us at the Cenotaph!

you come with us next year jamie i'll be proud to take you along

ex green jacket
100% behind you mate!
I am an ex royal Anglian and now teaching Rifles cadets who has served on telic 1 and afghan.
I think it is appalling that some idiot in Whitehall who the most fear they have ever seen in their face is when constipated. Has the right to undermine your contribution to his job security, how can this farm yard of a government sleep at night knowing that they are sending young men and women to their deaths and then denying their rights as a veteran or the heroism they have shown just by setting foot in a war zone.

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