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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Feted as Heroes, Hated as Zeroes -Americans get heroes welcomes, Brits get abuse!

Read this The ungrateful Scumbags who do this should be forced to attend every British military funeral and taken to Hedley Court to meet the HUNDREDS of wounded British service personnel who have lost limbs and been mutilated serving THEIR country!It makes me so angry for spineless,gutless,worms who have never had the BALLS to stand up and be counted and pick up a rifle in the defence of their country when we are at WAR to slag down and BETRAY the very same British servicemen who are DAILY risking their lives and are DIEING and getting hideously wounded in great big bloody batches so that these COWARDS can exercise their right to free speech without censure or fear!

Here in America many people are furious with the way the Bush Administration has handled the "war" in Iraq. It may have begun as a conventional war, but it is clearly now a civil war, involving many factions and the troops there are caught in the middle, with no easy solution.

However much dissatisfaction there is with the details of how things are being done in Iraq, the American people still support and admire our soldiers. They follow orders and make great sacrifices, and for that we are grateful.

I for one, am an American who is also grateful to our British, Canadian and other allies who make those same sacrifices. I'm saddened to see such a lack of support and respect for the military from the British public. Thank you for posting all of this information on your blog.
And I thought America treated its soldiers like crap.

The Brits have got us beat, by far!

Soldier on, Squadies!
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