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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Equipment that could have saved life of 19-year-old soldier arrived too late!

Not a surprise!-In 2004 on my Iraq tour we never had enough "ECM" to go around and what we did have kept breaking down!We used to go out on a regular basis with minimal or no ECM cover at all,luckily no-one was killed but it was down to luck and nothing else,no thanks to the penny pincher's in Whitehall who couldn't be arsed to give us the kit we needed!I won't even start on about our lack of weapons,radios or armoured vehicles,enough has been said about that disgraceful fact already,however the situation has improved gradually since then with better wagons,like the "Bulldog" and the "Cougar",the new improved "Bowman" radio system and better body armour but there's still a long way to go until our troops have all the kit they need.The Government is still writing cheques it can't cash by committing our armed forces to fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without sufficient equipment to do the job and is putting our troops lives at risk needlessly all to save a few pounds!

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