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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Iraq soldiers forced to go cap in hand!

Read this This is a disgrace!-Our wounded troops are being betrayed by an uncaring and unworthy government!-If Gormless Brownose had an ounce of DECENCY or HONOUR he would pull ALL our troops out of Iraq immediately before any more are killed or wounded for nothing!-And words fail me over the appalling treatment of our wounded and the lack of care and support that they are receiving from both the MoD and the Left Wing,politically correct,tree hugging,Politburo in the Cabinet!

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Gordon Brown accused over Iraq troop pullout

I read your blog regularly and it is excellent. I'm an American and not military, but I have worked in the Middle East with many Brits and have an interest.

I sympathize with your views, and I am saddened to hear of the conditions your troops endure, in theatre and afterward.

Is there any condition under which you would agree with continued British involvement in the Middle East? Or do you view the entire affair as a lost cause?
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