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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


General rules out any more Iraq troop withdrawals before 2009!

Read this Not a surprise!-finally someone has the balls to admit the truth!

Are you Limeys really going to abandon us Yanks? I know it's tough, but don't turn yellow on us now.
By the way, your website is super......I've all the respect in the world for the Brit Military........and I'm sorry the US doesn't listen to them more........but governments don't listen or learn from their they?
This doesnt surprise me ..

What a senseless comment by Peter to suggest a strategic withdrawl is 'turning yellow'.

Australians are about to vote out the government who committed us to this illegal invasion..the opposition is committed to the withdrawl of troops...Is the British or American military going to help reconstruct, or control the civil war they created between the sunni's and shiates...I know the Australian military are committed to this...

Who picks up the peices of a people destroyed?
It really is irrelevant what Autralia does, and even Britain is becoming more and more insignificant. The countries have been allies in the past, but it seems people have short memories.

I'm sure when the need arises, America will be welcome once again. That is how it has been for the last century. Everyone looks to America to solve the world's propblems as they sit on the sidelines and complain. It's a shame, and disgracefull.
With due respect Peter, I don't think anyone looks to the US for anything, they singly created this, ..what people are now looking to is how to reconstruct this country.
It seems the only country wanting to "reconstruct" Iraq, is Iran. Everyone else is eager to leave Iraq to completely destroy itself and rot.
i've been reading what you have written here and there is little point continuing this discussion Peter, as you appear to have little understanding of the complexities nor politics of this situation.. I find your comments 'destroy itself and rot' vulgar and uninformed...
abbey, or gale, or whoever you are,
Don't continue the conversation then. War is about as vulgar as things get. What is nearly as bad is a country and its people abandoning and not supporting the soldiers it sends in harm's way.

If you don't want to play the game, stay on the sidelines, or better yet, don't join the team.

Or, perhaps you could inform me, (and us) of the complexities and politics of whatever you have in mind.

My support is for the troops, and you can take whatever politics that harms them and flush it, for all it is worth.
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