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Monday, September 10, 2007


US 'delayed UK pull-out from Basra' !

Read this Absolutely appalling!-We could and SHOULD have pulled out in April and since that time 11 British soldiers have been killed and 62 wounded pointlessly!-This is a National Disgrace!-Once again the Prime Minister of Britain betrays his country and our armed forces by obeying the commands of a foreign UNELECTED power,The USA!
Toadie Blair was blatantly George Bush's lapdog on an almost daily basis,he blindly obeyed Washington and took this country into an ILLEGAL war in Iraq with disastrous consequences for Britain,his irresponsible actions are DIRECTLY related to the explosion of Islamic terrorism in this country,a threat that didn't exist before the invasion in 2003!-Now his protege Gormless Brownose has demonstrated the same nauseating lack of backbone by kow-towing to Uncle Sam's wishes and NOT pulling our troops out of Basra when the time was right and keeping them in harms way needlessly for another FOUR months of bloodshed resulting in eleven British service deaths and sixty two wounded,the word TREASON springs to mind!
How much longer does Britain's armed forces have to suffer under a succession of New LIEbour Prime Ministers betraying them to George Bush's commands and NOT putting our country's wishes first?-This is nauseating in the extreme and until Gormless Brownose grows a spine and tells the White house to shove its commands up its own arse more of our servicemen will be killed and wounded!

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