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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


US loses track of 190,000 weapons in Iraq!

Read this Not the best news in the world but the sad fact is that 190,000 lost weapons are a drop in the ocean when you consider the fact that EVERY family in Iraq are allowed TWO Kalashnikov AK47s in their home and one at work for self defense and that's the ones we know about!-Not to mention the MILLIONS of weapons that had belonged to the former Iraqi military and security forces that are unaccounted for!-Add them all up and you can see why the country is not the safest place to visit for a holiday this year!-Let's not forget the TONNES of explosive ordnance in the form of artillery and mortar rounds and RPG grenade launchers that were just abandoned at the end of the war and left unguarded for YEARS-A treasure trove of free goodies for any would be terrorist to pick up whenever they want unmolested!-With the ENTIRE country armed with assault rifles,anti-tank rockets and explosives what hope have the coalition security forces got in stopping the escalating bloodbath?-Not a hope in hell!Time to cut our losses and pull out before any more of our troops are needlessly sacrificed in the "Hell on earth" that is Iraq!

To prove my point below are some photos I took in 2004 of an unguarded ex-Iraqi Army ammo dump approx five kilometers North of Basrah-(Shortly after I had taken the photo of the anti-Tank mine the lead land drover in my section was blown up by a landmine-Luckily no-one was killed!)

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