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Friday, August 24, 2007


UK troop numbers fall in Armed Forces crisis!

Read this Why is anyone surprised at this considering the appalling way our armed forces have been treated by the LIEbour government for the last ten years?-I wonder why we've got ANY troops left at all!
After YEARS of mismanagement,cutbacks and penny pinching our armed forces have been reduced to a mere shadow of their former glory.Hundreds of years of tradition and history have been destroyed as regiment after regiment was axed by the MoD.What Hitler failed to achieve in world War two,the destruction of the British Army,Royal Navy and Royal Air Force,New LIEbour has achieved at the stroke of a bureaucratic pen!
The callous BETRAYAL of our armed forces by our joke of a government reeks of incompetence,indifference and contempt!-New LIEbour have NEVER supported our soldiers,sailors and airmen,because they stand for everything this government hate-Patriotism,Duty,Loyalty,Honour and Self Sacrifice!-Words that are completely ALIEN to Gormless Brownose's cabinet!

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